How good is Gmtuners/Sinister's work? (Page 1/1)
Additivewalnut JAN 30, 12:12 PM
I had him make me a tune for my very poorly running 3800 and it worked great so that alone is enough for me to trust him. Just curious if anyone has gone for more invasive engine work or anything recently. I'm looking to swap cams and install aluminum cradle bushings, and while I'm probably capable of it, I'd rather it get done correctly instead of however I would cobble it together. How are the prices? How fast does the work get done? That kinda stuff. I sent him an email already but I figure I'd get some opinions here too!
Frenchrafe JAN 30, 12:55 PM
He's always done my tunes and the engine just works great everytime!
And I live on the other side of an ocean, so he could sell me a junk mailorder tune and I couldn't do anything about it...

No major work, but plenty of good advice and helpful warnings so you don't break your engine.

He recently sold me a newer reprogrammed ECU/PCM. After the pinout (thanks to his extensive free pinout charts), just plug-n-play and blow the Porsches away !!

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jelly2m8 JAN 30, 03:43 PM
I've seen nothing but praise for his work all the years we have been on this forum, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. As far as price and a time line, only he can answer that.
olejoedad JAN 30, 04:27 PM
He has done tunes on our swaps for years.
It's not a hobby for him, it is his business and he is an expert at his job.
IMHO, he is the best tuner in the Fiero world, and his world goes far beyond the Fiero.
You can absolutely trust his work and his advice.

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olejoedad JAN 30, 04:28 PM

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qwikgta FEB 01, 01:03 PM
He's done two of my swaps and was awesome to work with. Fast, priced right and great communication. Plan to use his services for my next swap.