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cliffw NOV 20, 08:26 AM
Cliff, I think you are aware, but just in case not … 

Elon Musk, who developed and owns Space X, created and developed Tesla, and now owns the Twitter.  Twitter silenced free speech. Elon now wants to make it a free speech platform.  He has fired a butt load of employees.  He will need some more employees who believein free speech. You are the Man he needs. You have a perfect resume. Pennock’s Fiero Forum.  Not to mention, all the members as a reference. You have nothing to lose by inquiring.  You have who knows how much to gain. Uhh, … I was going to pitch you name in the hat, but that’s not my liberty. I think you would be a strong candidate.  Get in on the ground floor. My best for you and thank you for the Forum.

For some reason, I could not Private Message to you. I guess I am that dumb.
cliffw NOV 20, 10:16 AM
For some reason, I could not Private Message to you. I guess I am that dumb.

I tried to email you instead of what I wanted to do. FYI, you redirect email linky is wrong, unless if I am dumber as I think I am, .

Happy Holidays !
Wichita NOV 20, 10:25 AM
Elon asked what next for Twitter to add. (Not that he ever saw it) but I said migrate all the old school BBS/Forums over as part of communities.

For example all the Fiero pages on Facebook are ok, but extremely not useful, in fact terrible. Because nothing is indexed nor searchable. FB is purposely designed to keep you on that platform 24/7 through FOMO. It just doesn't work there.

The wealth of knowledge on traditional forums are invaluable. They cannot seem to be replicated in any other format, with the exception of Wiki. Let's take what works and modernize it a bit.

Twitter is becoming a defacto information site. If they can build communities with BBS/Forums/Wiki style format that we can plug into and some monetization help for creators or forum masters, that would be awesome.
A_Lonely_Potato NOV 20, 10:55 AM
ahh yes, "created and developed tesla."

really he invested in it a year after its creation, and became CEO 4 years after that.
IMSA GT NOV 20, 11:05 AM
Cliff, I believe you posted this in the wrong area.
cvxjet NOV 20, 11:36 AM
Which Cliff is doing the talking (Typing) and which one is being talked (Typed) to? (And, on a lighter note, which CLIFF should I drive off of?)

(OK- I'll shut up (Stop Typing) now....)
Cliff Pennock NOV 20, 04:53 PM

Originally posted by cliffw:

You are the Man he needs.


I'm flattered that you would consider me as one of the people suitable for the job! But alas, I no longer do any IT work other than what's necessary for maintaining the forum (and the server it's running on). I terminated my business (voluntarily) in 2020 and am enjoying the break from all the stress I had being a business owner. 😁
Cliff Pennock NOV 20, 04:55 PM
Just to add: that doesn't mean I would decline any job offering from him, it's just that I'm no longer actively pursuing a job in IT.
theogre NOV 21, 01:17 AM
EM has health issues as part of "work aholic" and anyone that can't match that then quickly fired.

IOW Unless you can work a lot of OT often on Exempt Salary then won't last long.
In US and some other Countries, Base Salary based on 40hr but Exempt employees do not get OT Pay.
Even Hourly employees have limits/rules on OT Pay in many states and even if companies violate pay rules and you sue you get little to nothing often after months to very likely years if you win.

Many companies are using Contractors or "Gig" workers in IT that have more problems for 20+ years. Worse... While Many Companies Post Jobs locally to meet current rules/laws but claim no-one qualified to use H-1B and related visa holders often under contact by 3rd party to hind H-1B etc from Customs and MSM.

Dr. Ian Malcolm: Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.
(Jurassic Park)

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cliffw NOV 21, 08:48 AM

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