Please vote for me!! (Page 1/3)
NightMare Cruiser NOV 07, 08:33 PM
Maaco is running a contest. Please vote for me. The two shops near my house always do a good job. If they didn’t I wouldn’t have applied!
TheDigitalAlchemist NOV 08, 01:52 AM
Will gather up mah peeps and "vote you up a bunch"... how many days left are there?
NightMare Cruiser NOV 08, 04:28 AM
Thank you!! Every little bit of help is appreciated.
R Runner NOV 08, 07:53 PM
NightMare Cruiser NOV 08, 08:34 PM

Originally posted by R Runner:


Thank you!!

ace5514 NOV 08, 08:48 PM
Done and done! good luck.
A_Lonely_Potato NOV 08, 09:09 PM
i hit you up with a vote
TheDigitalAlchemist NOV 08, 11:32 PM
"Submissions are open until November 7th. Voting will be open until November 9th. Final judging will take place by November 11th. We will contact the winner via e-mail and display it on the contest page."

You have a favorable lead.

ps - how can so many have 0 votes?!? They did not even vote for themselves!?!?!?!?!?!

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NightMare Cruiser NOV 09, 08:52 AM
Thank for voting!! The two shops near my house does nice jobs painting. If not, I wouldn’t have entered the contest.
IMSA GT NOV 09, 10:18 AM
It always concerns me when a contest ends on the 9th yet they say "final judging" will be on the 11th. What are they judging? As of midnight tonight they simply need to look at the webpage and see the highest votes which takes all of 5 seconds. I hope they don't play dirty with this contest because as of right now, you won, hands down.

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