My shop in florida! (Page 2/9)
johnyrottin APR 21, 09:30 AM
I may have completely missed it but where in Florida are you?
Villain APR 21, 10:23 AM
Astatula florida 34705
css9450 APR 21, 05:30 PM
I'm drooling over the high ceiling with lots of room for a proper lift AND a mezzanine or upstairs office or storage area. But I bet it gets hot up there sometimes....
Villain APR 21, 05:44 PM
Yea it’s great, it’ll be better when i add the second building
Villain JUN 07, 02:02 AM
For anyone who has tried to contact me in the past week via phone, I didn’t get text messages, nor phone calls as my phone was destroyed
Steel JUN 07, 05:03 AM
Cool spot for a shop looks nice and private there.

Villain JUN 26, 04:06 PM

This low milage Mera showed up yesterday for a complete tune up all the way from colorado after sitting for a decade 😎
Rexgirl JUN 27, 03:55 PM
Cool Mera, and the owner might be interested in the "Mera in Paradise" thread here on Pennocks?
BTW, thanks for your helpful YT videos.
kendell JUL 15, 12:59 AM
Interesting projects there!
Dennis LaGrua JUL 15, 02:23 AM
Trent: I applaud you for opening a specialty shop for Fieros. I believe that you may now be the only shop in Florida that works on these cars. Lots of luck on the venture.

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