My red 88 GT was stolen today (Page 1/15)
Rsvl-Rider NOV 15, 11:02 PM
Leaving work tonight and the car was gone.

Just filed the report.

See the signature below for a pic.

California license plate FIEROV6

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TheDigitalAlchemist NOV 15, 11:23 PM
So sorry man!

I hope that you have one of those "wonky" 88 gas gauges and they run out of gas at 1/4 tank and don't know how to refill it, (because they are a stupid moron who deserves to die painfully), so they just gingerly pull over and leave it on the side of the road and then immediately get eaten by a Californian alligator. or get flattened by a passing [large vehicle of choice].

Hope they drive it slowly and law-abidingly, and get zapped by the most painful lightning bolt imaginable the moment they exit the vehicle.

Maybe the cops will catch the plate.

Idiot. Scumbag. Hope his balls fall off (after a rabid [insert animal with the dullest teeth] goes to town on them "downtown" for a few hours.

Had one of mine stolen once. Had another totaled due to a drunken wench all sad she didn't have a date on Valentine's day.

Hope the cops pull them over and the thief tries to escape and gets raped by a passing rhino. S-L-O-W-L-Y.


So sorry man.
Notorio NOV 15, 11:47 PM

Originally posted by Rsvl-Rider:

Leaving work tonight and the car was gone ...

That stinks, sorry to hear that. It should be super easy for the police to notice, with so few Fieros on the road today. Hopefully it is just a stupid teenager taking a joy ride and it is waiting peacefully on the side of the road for the police to find it and return to you.
mmeyer86gt/gtp NOV 16, 12:43 AM
ouch i will keep my eyes open if i see it.
cvxjet NOV 16, 01:38 AM
So sorry to hear of this, Ron.....Why the heck would anyone steal a Fiero? Maybe the moron thought it was a Ferrari....

When I park mine, I reach under the left side of the instrument panel and pull the Fuel pump fuse- I have it memorized so I can do it by FEEL.....
Skybax NOV 16, 09:50 AM
Terrible, hope it is quickly recovered with minimal issues.
exoticse NOV 16, 11:01 AM
Gotta be somebody real stupid. Fieros stick out like a sore thumb.
Dennis LaGrua NOV 16, 12:35 PM
That's a real bummer. So sorry to hear that but a red 88GT would be easy to spot. Its not worth all that much unless it is kept together and resold. Then it would be very difficult to register. The thief would need to replace the VIN tag with an 88 that has been salvaged but it's a big job to get a salvage titled vehicle to register again. I say the thief gives up and you get your car returned. At that point install a hidden cut off switch.

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TheDigitalAlchemist NOV 16, 12:54 PM
Hope they find it soon.

Mine needed a new steering column. they broke the lock and hot wired it. at least they didn't break the door glass, they pushed it down...

If you need one, they are pretty reasonable. While you have it out, you might want to take out those four bolts that get loose eventually and put some threadlock on 'em... cId=9300678&merchantid=6296724&gclid=Cj0KCQiAys2MBhDOARIsAFf1D1dU8ddOIjnPXFGrIVNEApImC1qtxnKZIy1TZQJ-nQZHHrUL3weREywaAkfgEALw_wcB

Hope that sound is the police giving you a call...

Raydar NOV 16, 08:25 PM
Sorry, man. I hope it's found, safe and sound, quickly.

I effing hate thieves.