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MrMike NOV 03, 11:12 AM
Hello Fiero Community, MrMike here.
I received a cease & desist order from General Motors concerning the inclusion of GM trademarked words, images, and emblems on my products.
I agreed to cease & desist.
But they said, quote: “To be clear, GM has no objection to your sale of non-infringing products”.
THUS: I am inviting the Fiero Community to create a Fiero logo that is not General Motors trademarked.
Thank you for your attention, MrMike.
cvxjet NOV 03, 12:45 PM
I have some ability (Limited) to create and/or modify emblems, etc.....Here is something I modified for a guy to use on his custom GT tail light lens.....

And an Emblem somebody else created- but I modified to for my Fiero (3.4)

I can modify or possibly create something else- and the nose emblem, you would have to check with the originator (Who I can't identify- Don't reNember)

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MrMike NOV 03, 01:54 PM
I was told the word "Fiero" is Italian for proud. (can anyone comment on that?)
As in: they can trademark a Regal emblem, but not the word Regal, they own the word Corvette and trademark that.
GM spoke of words, images, and emblems.
They specifically objected to my use of the 'Fiero Emblem".
If we use the word Fiero the font and design of the word must be obviously different from the original.

I would like to see the community come up with (and agree upon) a design.
RWDPLZ NOV 03, 02:35 PM
How about the 84 SE striped seats in leather?

MrMike NOV 03, 02:36 PM
no, thank you for asking
cvxjet NOV 03, 03:34 PM
Well....Maybe this means GM is going to step up and bring back the Fiero.......If it means that much to them......

I don't really understand why they would object to this on a car they happily cancelled....from a division they happily shut down......From, what is it.....33 years ago?

And why would they object to replacement parts having the emblem that THEY put on the car to begin with? Are they that money-hungry?
IMSA GT NOV 03, 03:54 PM
What do you expect from a complete shithole, greedy, failure of a company.
MrMike NOV 03, 04:38 PM
LOL, my thanks to IMSA GT for finding the words that escaped me.
Fiero Vice NOV 03, 05:07 PM
That's insane! What is the harm, huh???

I believe this subject is in gray zone because Mr Mike is selling his talent in re-creating those seats, not emblems.

Darn, I was looking forward to getting my seats done next year in real leather. Yes, in real leather. Guess I will have Mr Mike do the seats & get a local sewing company to do the emblems. Is GM gonna try & stop all sewing companies in America, huh?

GM cannot stop us Fiero enthusiasts from wanting to dress up our Fieros. Period.
fierosound NOV 03, 05:10 PM
I had Mr Mike sew ORIGINAL leather patches to my GT's new leather seats. That is only recycling.

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