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Skybax OCT 22, 05:59 PM

Originally posted by Dennis LaGrua:

The person that purchases Rodney Dickmans business would have to be a machinist with a machine shop. Its a $200,000 investment so a special buyer with the money and the expertise to fabricate/manufacture is needed.

Have to disagree, a good business person with the passion for the business could take over the turn-key business as-is, and the handful of parts that do need machinist/machine shop could be contracted out (and yes the prices of those parts would obviously go up).

Midwest Fiero Clubs MAY 24, 10:53 AM
Rodney Dickman will be at the 2022 Wisconsin Dells Run Fiero event on Saturday, June 4, 2022. As many of you know, Rodney is in the process of selling his auto parts business so he can retire. To date he has not found a suitable buyer.

At the Dells Run show, Rodney will have a table set up displaying all or many of the products he manufactures here in the USA in his own workshop. These items are at risk of being discontinued if he does not find someone in the USA to continue making them. Rodney has found multiple buyers that can sell the parts that are manufactured as ready-to-sell parts that need no work. The challenge he faces is trying to find someone with the capabilities to continue producing these "made in the USA" parts to avoid them from being discontinued. If these parts are discontinued, a fairly large percentage of Rodney’s product line will disappear. Rodney does not want that to happen as that will result in many unhappy Fiero owners.

Be sure to stop by Rodney’s table to say hi and wish him luck with finding a buyer for his business.


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Dennis LaGrua MAY 24, 11:08 AM
Rodney is an expert fabricator and knows how to select the right parts that will fit. He has been a valuable parts/upgrade resource for the Fiero Community. The only guy that I know of that could assume Rodneys business is the person that purchased Pisa products. He has a complete machine shop and can make anything. I don't recall his name but he still can be found. A road block could be the price of $200,000. Thats quite a bit of money for most but Rodney said that he will finance. A suggestion would be to just hire an employee with fabrication talent, maintain ownership and work part time.

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82-T/A [At Work] JAN 31, 11:01 AM
Just wanted to bump this. I've been seeing more and more of Rodney's products go out of production, with a lot of items showing "$0.00" because they're no longer available. I just made another order today, and basically have almost everything Rodney's made. I'm seeing more and more specialty Fiero vendors disappearing, so I encourage people to support them NOW... not only because many parts are still available, but because if / when these people close up their shops... who knows where these parts go.

Thanks Rodney for all you've done for us over the years.

Also, don't forget to support the Fiero Store... they have a lot of things we all need too!!!

EDIT: I just placed an order from the Fiero Store, and while they still have a lot... I'm seeing a significant decline in available products that they once had years ago. Get this stuff while you can.

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Dukesterpro FEB 01, 10:20 AM
I have some of facilities to work this. Plus I right on the other side of the mitten (WI) of rodney. But like everyone else I am far to scared to leave my day job for it. I hope someone can keep this going

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82-T/A [At Work] FEB 05, 12:49 PM
I just got my order from Rodney Dickman... he had to correct the order and remove a part because one of the things I bought was the very last left in his stock. Get things while you can...
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Originally posted by 82-T/A [At Work]:

I just got my order from Rodney Dickman... he had to correct the order and remove a part because one of the things I bought was the very last left in his stock. Get things while you can...

I literally got a temporary seasonal full time job last fall for that very purpose, placed 3 orders, and got everything I could think of needing, other then ball joints and tie rods, that would have been to much, I spent over $1000, I enjoyed the job, and got presents for my car, what more can I say!