Ferrari 355 replica 3800sc swap and interior mods (Page 1/2)
anaverin SEP 08, 02:21 PM
Been working overtime on this fiero based f355 replica. Doing a 3800sc swap and going to try to put a genuine 355 dash in for the current owner. We made a YouTube video, but looking story short I didn't have any oil pressure because the oil pressure relief valve fell out. Now we're doing it again with a series 3 long block. I'll be posting pictures and not just video. Please watch the video and comment there or below. Hope to keep updating this thread

anaverin SEP 08, 02:24 PM

Here's the new motor before cleanup. 2007 gtp.

Here's what the engine compartment looks like now.

Picture of the car.
Really good replica. Frame stretch. Looks great in person.

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IMSA GT SEP 08, 08:15 PM
Must be an Air Dynamics body. Looks great.
anaverin SEP 09, 11:45 AM
I think it is. I have more pictures of course. The video shows it all. We got the new block cleaned up and painted yesterday. Swapped the oil pan and and lower intake. We are using the series 2 supercharger and intake for now, because it's already painted and the block didn't come with a gen 5. Hope to get it back in today. Fiero fest is looming in 8 days.
anaverin SEP 09, 11:46 AM
[img] 864.jpg[/img]
Dennis LaGrua SEP 11, 09:51 AM
Yeah its a bummer when you do the work install the engine only to find that it is blown. Just had that happen with a 4T60e transmission on my 4.9L. Guy who sold it to me swore that trans was in good shape. Then he skipped town and was never heard from again. Had to take everything out and start over. Its a real PITA and a downer but it happens. With all the work that you have done, I'm certain that you will get it right and have a nice replicar to drive. The only thing that I would additionally check is to see if the car (without the roof) has a sufficient extra sub frame to avoid body flex.

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olejoedad SEP 14, 10:25 AM
The rebody is nice, too bad the engine compartment is not of the same caliber.

The engine swap needs a lot of cleaning, painting and organization to live up to the rest of the work on the car.
anaverin SEP 24, 04:46 PM
We managed to get the new engine installed and tidied up alot of the wiring and other things so that the install is much nicer. WE aren't done though, we want exhaust on first.

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IMSA GT SEP 24, 06:49 PM
Now I remember who the previous owner was

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anaverin NOV 27, 01:42 PM

finally made some progress on this after time in and out. Then... the x frame needed to be cut again to remove the tank... so we had to make it removable. what a crazy project!