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Haze_Performance APR 02, 04:20 AM
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Hello all.... Very long story short.. I’m recovering from a heart attack I had a couple weeks ago and it got me thinking.. I don’t know if there’s any interest but I have a low mile, custom (lowered) ‘04 Honda Shadow 750 bobber that I probably won’t be riding anymore do to health concerns. I was thinking about trading it (along with a full motorcycle lift and parts) for a Fiero. Something running and road worthy that I can tinker with in the garage. I miss messing with the Fieros. It’s been a long time and a little garage rehab with a Fiero sounds calming.. lol..

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Raydar APR 02, 10:48 AM
Wow! I'm happy that you are still with us.

Sorry, I don't really have any leads for you right now. But it's good to see you.
Haze_Performance APR 03, 12:07 PM
Jake_Dragon APR 03, 01:32 PM
Hope you continue to recover. The only thing I found relaxing about the Fiero was driving.
Constantly hunting for that 10mm socket, cussing at fragile old plastic connections. Just doesn't sound like rehab.