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Awalker W02 APR 13, 10:41 AM

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As someone currently working on an LZ9 with Microsquirt swap, is there a build thread for your swap that Chris did? What do you like or dislike about your LZ9? Stock cam?

The body is looking great, hope you get some time to work on it!

Honesty it was great and I enjoyed every minute of it, but ever since I’ve been into these cars I’ve wanted a v8 manual. and it’s hard to replicate the sound of a v8. I may not be gaining much when it comes to power but the sound of the northstar will give me goosebumps. The second thing is I like to go to car shows and the v8 gains more attention. That an my getreg was starting to get syncro whine at hwy speeds and it was getting a little worrisome. I am still keeping the lz9 and it will go in my 86.
Awalker W02 FEB 02, 08:06 PM
2024 and my new year resolution is to keep this updated. The ultimate goal for this year is to have the car complete. I ended up doing a full panel of repaint on a yellow formula last year and doing a few mods for Marty on his orange gt before thr 40th. And finished getting the Reatta presentable, So it was a busy year last year. After the 40th I got the inspiration to get back to work on my own.

Awalker W02 FEB 02, 08:21 PM
So back to the fiero.

The lower to the rear was just missing something. The rest of the body didn’t match the rake and style of the rest of it. I tried a few different options like lowering it to look like the rear style of the gt’s. But ultimately I settled on making a diffuser for the rear. Ultimately it follows the style of the rest of the car.

I’ve also been working on final body work. Just making sure everything is 100%straight and making sure my body lines are sharp and all line up. Fixing and reinforcing cracks after the body was on the car and had a chance to find those week points. And from me letting it roll into my truck while in the shop.

And ultimately making new friends at my daytime job while inspecting a car at a body shop.
Awalker W02 APR 09, 07:56 AM
Making some more progress this week

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Awalker W02 APR 09, 03:56 PM
Finally just a bit of time to give the formal update. So with the front end being one piece I ran into a problem if being able to get the front end on and off without cracking fiberglass. The obvious thing to do would be cut the front bumper out in the factory spot or even straight down like the imsa’s. But that’s to blah. A tilt hood would be cool too but a lot of mechanical fabrication with hinges. So it left me with my favorite alternative. Corvette style hood.

So if got it all lined up. And glasses the hood to the fenders. Once it was dry I made the cuts.

The next step was fabricating the rear part of the fender mounts and support bracing.

Mounted up and fit to the door and clearances.

I’ll now swap sides then make my way to the bumper bracing and figments. Then I’ll flip the hood over and work the inside hood seams. Then I’ll come back to the outside and do the actual finish work.