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JJFieroFan OCT 01, 09:50 AM
I just saw that on the Velocity series Car Fix they will be featuring a Northstar swap. This airs at 11:00 AM today (10/1/16) our time and will be repeated tomorrow 10/2 at the same time! Looking forward to this!

Sorry I did not see the other post. And I did look. Ugh.

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RCR OCT 01, 03:46 PM
Thanx for heads up, Although someone misspelled Fiero in my listing guide.

zzzhuh OCT 01, 07:43 PM
Thanks! I'll be sure to record it.
Danyel OCT 01, 08:12 PM
Hope someone records it for us to see...
E.Furgal OCT 02, 08:32 AM
it is on today Sunday at 11 am eastern time. again.. on velocity

jb1 OCT 02, 05:10 PM
missed it,


87GTseries 1 3800sc (7.597 @88.53 1.579 60ft)
(series II swap in progress)
85GT Northstar/ 4t80e
Northstar Rebuild

JJFieroFan OCT 02, 05:44 PM
There was not much about Fiero if you missed it. It was mostly about the Northstar engine. And about what a bargain they are if you can find one......etc. They promised that future episodes would show the installation and Fiero fitment!

JJFieroFan OCT 02, 06:46 PM
Some of the Velocity shows are available online. If not, and you have that channel they rerun frequently so no worries!
JJFieroFan OCT 02, 10:19 PM
Apparently the next episode is about a flathead ford. I set it to record so we will see. Sometimes they have two projects, but not usually. Ugh.
fireboss NOV 12, 12:50 PM
does anyone have a link to an episode,I cant seem to find it.....