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brake issue 88 by yellow peril
Started on: 01-10-2019 11:01 AM
Replies: 3 (94 views)
Last post by: theogre on 01-10-2019 12:39 PM
yellow peril

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I replaced the front pads and rotors and ran out of time so drove it for a week before doing the rears. the right rear went great the left rear piston was frozen. tried to get a new caliper, couldn't find one, PO broke off bleeder and I was unsuccessful in removing it. ponyed up and bought the pair for big bucks at calipers on line. tried to bleed the rears, got all the air out but heres my question, with the car not running the pedal gets hard after 2 pumps then if you start the car I get no pedal. I have a brake light on but if you pump the pedal it gets a little harder and the light goes out but then its like losing pressure and back to no pedal. is this a vacuum problem? I had my friend a volvo mechanic come look at it and he thinks its the master. 2 things get me everything worked before (except the left rear, which was frozen but I never got a light) now a caliper failure followed by a MC failure? and looking at the new caliper there is a pretty big gap between rotor and pad. setting the parking brake doesn't seem to push the piston out to close that gap. no self adjusting? been working on this for 2 weeks waiting on parts and time to do the job. this is my daily driver and my wife is getting peaved she doesn't have a car. I hate brakes. any ideas before I spend for another MC? thanks for any input

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Keep bleeding it. You still have air in the system. Bleed rear drivers side first, passenger rear, passenger front then driver front. Having the brake light go out with a few pumps of the pedal is a good indication of air in the lines.

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The gap between the pads and rotor is the first issue to resolve.

While the rears will self-adjust eventually, you should manually adjust them.

One method is to rotate the piston,
2nd method is to remove the paking brake lever and turn the shaft (don't damage the seal or will cause a leak)
3rd option is to remove the parking brake cable and spring from the caliper lever and then use a crecent wrench to cycle the lever 20+ times and use the auto adjusting feature to set the piston position.

If you haven't dealt with Fiero rear brakes before, start with option 1 or 3. Ogres cave (link on main forum page) has a lot of info on properly setting the parking brake after caliper replacement.

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"New" calipers from them have good rep in most posted here.

Good Rear calipers should auto adjust, AKA Self Adjust, w/o problems. Methods to Manually adjust is often trouble now or soon after and I said this in my cave... See my Cave, Rear Brakes So if that or any other methods works, call the vendor to return under warranty.

Rear calipers, more accurate the rear Pistons, can hold air and may need help to shake it loose from inside of the pistons. Used plastic/wood to gently hit the calipers.

Note: Sliders need proper lube. See my Cave, Brake Service 88 Slider's dust shields are the "return spring" for the caliper outboard pad and can fight you w/o problem lube sim to other slider "o-ring" for older Fiero. Lack of lube can seize the caliper later too as water etc corrodes the aluminum.

Both Rear calipers off/open @ same time can drain tube between the two and can take longer to purge air to left side.

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