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RPO codes.... A Listing by Stickerguy
Started on: 11-27-2012 09:53 PM
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Last post by: theogre on 05-21-2015 03:02 PM
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Report this Post11-27-2012 09:53 PM Click Here to See the Profile for StickerguyClick Here to Email StickerguySend a Private Message to StickerguyEdit/Delete MessageReply w/QuoteDirect Link to This Post
I was searching the internet for a certain RPO code and found this..... it answered all my questions, hope it does yours as well.

Sometimes it is necessary to consult the list of "option codes" on your Fiero to determine which specific parts it contained as-built by the factory. For example, it is difficult to know the capacity of an alternator by looking at it. The list of option codes (also called RPO or Regular Production Option codes) provides this information. The option codes are printed on a sticker called the "Service Parts Identification Label" located on the left front fender well next to the spare tire. (This label is often referred to as the "RPO Tag" or "RPO Label".) Here is what the codes mean:

AAA Additional Standard Equipment
AD3 Window, hinged roof (sunroof)
AF9 Seat, front, bucket, driver, passenger, reclining ('84-87)
AF9 Lumbar seat, adjustable, driver, passenger ('88)
AR9 Seat, front bucket, driver, passenger, manual reclining
AU3 Power door locks
AV3 Fastener, cargo tie down
A01 Window, deep tinted all, Soft Ray
A31 Window, electric control
A90 Deck lid release, remote control, electric
BC8 Front door pocket RH and LH (available only w/A31)
BW1 Ornamentation, extra, rear
BW8 Ornamentation, extra, rear
BX1 Ornamentation, exterior, front end (special)
BY1 Ornamentation, extra, rear
B20 Interior, luxury (w/trim codes 662,822)
B34 Floor mats, front, carpeted
B48 Deluxe trunk trim
B57 Trim, extra, Deluxe
B6V Delete AU3 (in package order) (1987)
B6W Delete A31 (in package order) (1987)
B97 Molding, extra lower accent
CD4 Wiper system, pulse
CJB T-Tops ('88 only)
C41 Heater, with fan and defroster ('84-87)
C41 Heater, base (non AC) ('88)
C49 Defogger, rear window, electric
C60 Air conditioner, front, manual controls
DB4 Sunshade, windshield, with pockets
DC9 Sensor, vehicle speed
DG7 Mirror, RH and LH remote control, electric
D4P VSS Gear, 30 tooth, blue
D4T Gear, Speedometer Driven
D4Q Gear, Speedometer Driven (31 teeth)
D7V Gear, Speedometer Driven
D9C Sensor, Vehicle Speed (35 teeth) (25007335)
D9D Sensor, Vehicle Speed
D34 Mirror, visor vanity
D35 Mirror, outside, rearview (painted)
D42 Engine Compartment Screen ('84)
D60 Color and trim incompatibly override ('84-87)
D74 Mirror, inside, RH visor vanity, illuminated
D80 Extension, rear end panel (spoiler)
D96 Stripe, body side upper
E5Z Speedometer Gears Less Adapter
E9Y Vehicle Speed Sensor
E9Z Speedo Gears Less Keys
E94 Beauville/Rally STX equipment
FW5 Transaxle, final drive, 4.10 ratio
FX8 Transaxle, final drive, 3.61 ratio
F41 Suspension, heavy duty, front and rear (special)
GX3 Transaxle, final drive, 3.33 ratio
GY5 Transaxle, final drive, 3.65 ratio
KO5 Heater, engine block
K22 Generator, 94 ampere
K34 Cruise control, electric
K60 Generator, 100 ampere
K81 Generator, 66 ampere
K99 Generator, 85 ampere
LR8 Engine, 2.5L L4
L44 Engine, 2.8L V6 (High Output)
MD9 3-speed automatic transmission (THM125C)
MG2 Transmission, manual, 5-speed (Muncie) 3.61 ratio
MG3 Transmission, manual, 5-speed (Muncie)
MM4 Transmission, manual, 4-speed, provisions
MM5 Transmission, manual, 5-speed, provisions
MT2 5-speed manual transmission (Isuzu) 3.35 ratio
MV9 3 speed automatic transmission (THM200C)
MX1 3 speed automatic transmission
MY7 4-speed manual transmission (Isuzu)
MY8 4-speed manual transmission (Muncie) 3.32 ratio
M17 4-speed manual transmission (Muncie) 3.65 ratio
M19 4-speed manual transmission (Muncie) 4.10 ratio
NA5 Emission system, federal requirements
NB2 Emission system, Calif. requirements
NK3 Steering wheel, Formula, 3-spoke ('84-85)
NK4 Steering wheel, leather wrapped, 4-spoke ('86-87)
NN7 Fuel filler door, delete lock
NP5 Steering wheel, leather wrapped, 3-spoke
NX1 Wheel, 13 x 5.5
N24 Wheels, turbo finned, aluminum (same as PX1) ('84-85)
N33 Steering column, tilt type
N36 Steering wheel, sport
N41 Power Steering (power steering was eliminated from all production Fieros)
N46 Steering wheel, four-spoke, vinyl
N73 Wheel, Custom Sport, Variation 4
N78 Wheel, 15x7 cast aluminum
N90 Wheel, 15x7 cast aluminum
PB4 Lock kit, aluminum wheel
PHO Wheel, 15x6 front, 15x7 rear, diamond honeycomb
PON Pontiac Assembly Plant
PXT Wheels, 13 inch turbo-finned, aluminum
PX1 Wheels, 13 x 5.5 turbo finned aluminum (same as N24)
PO2 Wheel covers, tri-tech 13 inch (color Coordinated)
PO6 Wheel trim rings
QAB P195/70R14 blackwall, steel-belted (1988)
QDX P195/70R14 blackwall, steel-belted ('85-87)
QDY P195/70R14 white-lettered, steel-belted ('85-87)
QFE P185/75R14 blackwall, steel-belted ('86-88)
QFG P185/75R14 white-lettered, steel-belted ('86-87)
QHS P185/80R13 blackwall, steel-belted ('84-85)
QHU P185/80R13 white-lettered, steel-belted ('84-85)
QPU P215/60R14 blackwall, steel-belted ('84-87)
QPV P215/60R14 white-lettered, steel-belted ('84-85)
QPV P215/60R15 blackwall, steel-belted (front); P215/60R15 blackwall, steel-belted (rear) ('86-87)
QRF P185/70R14 blackwall
QZN P185/80R13 blackwall
QZT P205/60R15 blackwall, steel-belted (front); P215/60R15 blackwall, steel-belted (rear)
TR9 Lamp group, courtesy consists of;
U25 Rear compartment lamp
U29 Instrument panel, courtesy
UA1 Heavy duty battery
UL1 ETR AM/FM stereo w/clock
UL5 Radio delete (all)
UL6 AM w/clock (1984)
UM4 ETR AM/FM stereo w/seek & scan, auto reverse, clock
UM6 ETR AM/FM stereo w/clock, cassette, auto rev cassette, seek & scan ('85-88)
UM7 ETR AM/FM stereo w/clock, seek & scan ('86-87)
UQ6 Speaker, sub woofer ('86-88)
UT4 ETR AM stereo/FM stereo w/clock, auto reverse, seek & scan, equalizer & touch control ('85-87)
UU6 ETR AM/FM stereo w/clock, cassette, equalizer, seek & scan
UU7 ETR AM/FM stereo w/clock, cassette (1984)
UU9 ETR AM/FM stereo (1984)
UW5 Radio, provisions for stereo installation
UX1 ETR AM/FM stereo w/clock, cassette, auto rev, search, replay, seek & scan, equalizer, clock ('85-88)
U25 Rear compartment lamp
U29 Instrument panel, courtesy
U63 AM monaural radio, without clock
U66 Speaker system, 4, dual front dash Mounted, dual extended range, package shelf/quarter
VC8 Substitution or deletion authorized ('84-87)
VK3 License plate, front mounting package
VO8 Heavy duty cooling
V53 Luggage Carrier, delete (1984)
V56 Luggage carrier, deck lid
V58 Luggage carrier, deck lid
V73 Bumper Component (or see next item)
V73 Vehicle Identification US
WS1 Option picks (group) ('85-87)
WS3 Option picks (group) (1986)
WS6 Performance package, special
WS8 Priced order acknowledged
WS9 High mileage coupe ('84)
WU2 Fiero GT
WV1 Protective equipment, Canada [probably undercoating]
WV9 Package, value leader, ('84-86)
WV9 Package, value leader, ('87) (PM37 + WV9 = PE37)
WV9 Package, value leader, ('88) (2PM37 + WV9 = WPE37)
WO2 Sport appearance package ('88)
W61 Option group #1 (1987)
W63 Option group #2 (1987)
W66 Formula option ('88)
W69 SE option "Special Edition"
XEM Tires, Goodyear Eagle GT+4 P205/60R15 BSW STL (front)
YT1 Built-up, custom door and quarter
YT9 Fisher furnished parts
Y82 Indy Pace Car ltd. edition (Includes AD3, B34, DG7, D80, NP5, UU6 & V53) (1984)
Y99 Special Rally suspension package (special shocks, 14" Hi-Tech wheels, P195/70R14 SB Tires, 1985-86)
YLM P215/60 R15 BSW STL (front) W/P215/60 R15 BSW STL (rear)
YLM P205/60R15 BSW STL w/P215/60R15 BSW STL (front and rear)
YT9 Fisher Furnished Parts
Z35 Advance price sheet
ZV1 Manufacturer's statement of origin

1SA Option group #1 (1988)
1SB Option group #2 (1988)
1SC Option group #3 (1988)
13B Genor cloth ('84) Pallex cloth ('85) Light Slate Gray
13C Placid/Pallex cloth, Light Slate Gray ('84-85) (2 tone)
13D Indy 500/Sierra leather/Pallex cloth, Light Slate Gray
13I Interior Color, Light Slate Gray
14 Light Gray Metallic ('84-85)
14U Light Gray Metallic (upper of two tone)
16 Silver Metallic ('86-88)
18 Medium Gray Metallic
18L Medium Gray Metallic (lower of two tone)
19P Wheel Color, Black
21 Bright Blue Metallic
40 White ('84-86, 88)
40U White (upper of two tone)
41 Black
41L Black accent
41U Black (upper of two tone)
53 Bright Yellow (1988)
56 Light Gold Metallic ('86-87)
60P 15" diamond spoke wheels, gold ('88 GT)
62B Ripple cloth, Light Saddle
62D Pallex cloth, Light Saddle
62I Interior Trim, Light Saddle
622 Suede leather/Pallex cloth, Light Saddle
64B Genor cloth ('84), Pallex cloth ('85) Medium Doeskin
64C Placid/Pallex cloth, Medium Doeskin (2 tone)
64D Pallex cloth, Medium Doeskin (2 tone)
643 Fleece/Suede, Medium Doeskin (2 tone)
66B Pallex cloth, Medium Beechwood
66D Matrix cloth, Medium Beechwood
64I Interior Color, Medium Doeskin
649 Seat Belt Module, Medium Doeskin
71 Red
71L Paint, Red (Lower Accent)
71U Paint, Red (upper of two tone)
77 Ruby Red ('87-88)
81 Bright Red
81U Bright Red (upper of two tone)
82B Ripple cloth, Dark Gray
82D Pallex cloth, Dark Gray D (trim level) Deluxe
82I Interior Color, Medium Dark Gray
139 Seat Belt Module, Light Slate Gray
629 Seatbelt Color, Light Saddle
822 Suede leather/Pallex Cloth ('86-88), Ventura Leather/Pallex cloth ('88), Dark Gray ('86-87) Medium Dark Gray ('88)
829 Seat Belt Module, Medium Dark Gray

6XX, 7XX, 8XX and 9XX codes (the "X" can be any letter)
6 code = left front spring code
7 code = right front spring code
8 code = left rear spring code
9 code = right rear spring code

6HY Spring, Left Front, 10034095 (1985-87)
7HZ Spring, Right Front, 10034096 (1985-87)
8WY Spring, Left Rear, 10029092 (1984-87)
9WY Spring, Right Rear, 10029092 (1984-87)

WA-NNNN (N = any number) code on the bottom of the RPO tag is the Fisher Body "WA" paint number. (Fisher Body is the division of GM that produced and painted the car body.) Use this number when buying equivalent paint from any paint supplier. Touch-up paint suppliers such as PlastiKote and Dupli-Color also use this number as a cross-reference. Use the cross-reference manual found by the paint display in your auto parts store to obtain the correct spray can or bottle for your car. Note that the two digit numbers in the above list (14, 18, 40, 81, etc.) are also paint codes. Some GM cross-references use this number also.
If you see something like "81U/16L" it means the upper portion of the Fiero is "81" or Bright Red and the lower portion of the car (ground effects) is "16", Silver Metallic
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Report this Post07-18-2013 10:42 AM Click Here to See the Profile for 92wastheyearClick Here to Email 92wastheyearSend a Private Message to 92wastheyearEdit/Delete MessageReply w/QuoteDirect Link to This Post
I was going to explore the RPO sticker and learn about my car a little bit, but the sticker on the front fender is quite faded and most of the numbers are missing (faded away). Is there any other way to find out the RPO info? From the vin ...or maybe someone has an online database.
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Report this Post05-21-2015 03:02 PM Click Here to See the Profile for theogreClick Here to visit theogre's HomePageSend a Private Message to theogreEdit/Delete MessageReply w/QuoteDirect Link to This Post
Is old thread but...
Above and is good for many Fiero specific RPO codes...
A few codes have errors. example:
N78 Wheel, 15x7 cast aluminum. Problem here is you see QDY P195/70R14 white-lettered, steel-belted for same car that won't fit 15x7 wheel.
Correct per GM List: Wheel, 14x6, Aluminum, Hub Cap, Wheel Nuts is for Fiero "standard" Al wheels w/ plastic lug covers etc.

You should double check you results... Can find missing/wrong data by using GM list or use
Aldata and others have most of GM RPO list but is often missing many.

Is for a truck site but can help to find missing data for cars.
Note that some codes change over time. Is why truck site list have 2 or more entries for same code.

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