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CALIFORNIA Toll & DMV Fees Increase by madcurl
Started on: 06-30-2011 12:37 PM
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Last post by: Loki on 06-30-2011 04:18 PM
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Okay, here we they go again raising the toll fees and if you think you're hybrid is safe-you're dead wrong! Only electric cars are exempt. The fee increase starts this Friday and just under the wire to catch more revenue during the holiday.

Higher Bay Area bridge tolls, transit fares Friday

Gasoline prices may have fallen recently but the cost of getting around the Bay Area is going up Friday for many transit riders and drivers.

And for hybrid drivers who have cruised solo through the carpool lanes for years, the cost isn't rising, but the hassle is. The state-issued gold stickers that allowed access become worthless Friday. Only drivers with white stickers, issued to all-electric and some compressed natural gas vehicles, will be allowed an exemption to the carpool rules.

And drivers of multiple-axle vehicles, including big-rigs, recreational vehicles and those towing boats or trailers, will pay higher tolls starting Friday.

When the Bay Area Toll Authority raised tolls for car drivers crossing state-owned bridges last year, it delayed the multiple-axle increase for a year to allow trucking companies to negotiate rates with clients. The increase also applies on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Boaters and RV owners are unhappy with the change, saying they shouldn't be treated the same as commercial truckers, but state law requires that tolls be charged by the number of axles.

Rates vary by the number of axles and at the state-owned and Golden Gate spans. At state bridges, the toll for a five-axle semi goes from $11.25 to $18 and will rise to $25 in 2012. Three-axle vehicles, including most boat trailers, will be charged $10.50, up from $6. That will rise to $15 in 2012. On the Golden Gate, a three-axle vehicle will pay $13, up from $9, and a five-axle truck will pay $22, up from $15.

The cost of some transit rides is also going up.

In San Francisco, the cost of adult Muni Fast Passes will rise by $2 a month, while passes for youths, seniors, the disabled and low-income riders will go up by $1. Tourists and cable car aficionados will also feel the pain. The cost of riding the rolling landmarks will increase to $6 per trip.

Caltrain will add 25 cents to one-way fares Friday. Parking will be $4 a day, up from $3, or $40 a month, up from $30.

Golden Gate Transit and Ferry fares are also going up. Ferry riders will pay an additional $1 from Sausalito and 50 cents more from Larkspur, bringing the one-way fares to $9.25 for the Sausalito boat and $8.75 for the Larkspur service. Discounted fares for Clipper card users will remain unchanged, but the cost of special event ferries to AT&T Park will go from $8 to $8.75.

The cost of riding Golden Gate Transit buses will rise by 5 percent. Fares will rise between 10 and 55 cents, depending on distance traveled.

Some of the new fares
State bridges

Five-axle semi


Three-axle vehicles, including most boat trailers

Golden Gate

Five-axle semi


Three-axle vehicle


Muni Fast Pass increase


Youth, senior, disabled and low-income pass increase


Cable cars


Ferry ride from Sausalito


Ferry ride from Larkspur
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Read more:


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DMV fees

The state's fiscal woes are about to hit motorists right in their wallets.

Effective July 1, several Department of Motor Vehicles fees will increase and a number of new laws will be on the books.

The changes, all results of legislative action during the recent session of the General Assembly, cover a wide variety of services and responsibilities that DMV provides to the public.

“These fee increases are modest and are part of the shared sacrifice needed to help resolve the state’s budget issues,” DMV Commissioner Melody A. Currey said.

Currey also said that the law changes are part of a continuing effort to streamline DMV services and make them more efficient.

“We are addressing a number of issues beginning July 1 and we want to keep the public aware of those changes,” she said.

Those with late or current registration renewals beginning July 1 will be unable renew at a branch office. DMV will enforce an existing policy requiring all renewals to be mailed.

Although some some exceptions were made in the past, the change is related to streamlining service. Customers bringing a registration renewal will be given an pre-addressed envelope for mailing the registration to DMV’s processing unit.

Here is a summary of the major changes:

• Obtaining a drivers’ license – from $66 to $72 for the customary six-year license.

• A new late fee for failing to renew the driver’s license or commercial driver’s license - $25.

• Obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (must already have Connecticut driver’s license) – increase in surcharge from $15 to 17.50 per year.

• Two-year registration of a passenger vehicle, including those with vanity plates – from $75 to $80.

* The fee for obtaining a vanity plate – from $65 to $69.

• Two-year registration of a motorcycle – from $40 to $42.

* Temporary registration of a non-commercial motor vehicle - $20 to $21 for a 10-day period.

• Transfer of registration from $20 to $21.

The full list of DMV’s new fees as well as information about the hours of the DMV photo license centers and other facilities can be found at

Customers can also call the DMV telephone center at 860-263-5700 in the Greater Hartford area and 800-842-8222 for the remainder of the state.

Law changes include:

* Shifting responsibility for the state’s six weigh stations solely to the DMV. Currenty, the DMV’s Commercial Vehicle Safety Division is responsible only for the station in Union.

* Amending a state law to add that any person under the age of 21 who is convicted for possession of less than a half-ounce of cannabis will have a license suspension for a period of 60 days. Persons under age 21 who are not licensed and who are convicted of possession will be unable to obtain a license for 150 days.

• Increasing the fine to $1,000 for a resident who operates a vehicle with marker plates issued by another state.

• Changing the name of the handicapped driver training program to “driver training program for persons with disabilities,” and transfers the responsibility for the program to the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services.

• Authorizing towns to issue temporary registrations when persons pay property tax or parking tickets in full. Fees for the temporary registration would go to the town. At present DMV is exploring a pilot program to test this approach.

• Adding e-mail addresses to the privacy protection under section 14-10 by defining them as “personal information.”

• Permitting video monitoring equipment installed on a school bus by a municipality or its vendor and that captures an image of a vehicle passing a school bus with flashing red signals to be used to write a violation. For a first violation, which brings a $450 fine, the fine is divided into: $54 for the state transportation fund, $36 for the state general fund and $360 for municipality.

* Expanding authority of AAA to renew licenses and IDs and issue duplicates.

• Allowing regular license renewals, commercial driver license renewals, vehicle registration renewals, vessel registration renewals and automobile dealer license renewals to be sent other than by mail.

* Allowing the DMV to stop mailing to an address at which mail is undeliverable.

• Adding the texting while operating a commercial motor vehicle to the definition of “serious traffic violation “ for enforcement of commercial driver license penalties.

• Requiring knowledge testing for motorcycle endorsement when a training permit has not been issued.

• Allowing dealers to register commercial motor vehicles, trailers, service and school buses electronically.

• Creating misdemeanor (“B” ) for operating a driving school without a license and creating misdemeanor (“B” ) for acting as a driving school instructor without a license.

• Changing the requirement from 10 days to 48 hours after reviewing a report containing the names of suspended/revoked operators that a school bus carrier has to remove such an employee from driving duties.

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Connecticut or California?
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Texas is going up 7-1
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