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speed cameras here in Australia by proff
Started on: 04-25-2011 08:34 PM
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Last post by: proff on 04-25-2011 08:34 PM
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The following link contained in this email pertains to a survey undertaken by the
Ausitor General abut wether or not speed camera's improve safety or are just there
for revenue. I would appreciate everyone taking the time to fill out this survey and
have their say on this matter. Up till now speed cameras have been generating
millions of dollars of revenue for governments. In many cases there have been sneaky
and underhanded methods used to catch people out like placing cameras on down hill
slopes, not clearly listing speed limits and lowering the speed threshold from
10km/h to 5km/h even though it is a well known fact that vehicles from factory are
inacurate up to 10 km/ph. Nor do courts accept speedo inacuracy as an excuse for
being booked by cameras.

Media campaigns have also been put in place trying to say that speeding drivers are
the cause of most accidents when in actual fact driver incompetence and general
mistakes are the true cause of car accidents and not the average joe sitting on 5 -
10 km/ph overt the limit. This propoganda needs to stop and I ask everyone to have
raise their voice on this matter anjd tell the governments to stick the cameras wher
the sun dont shine. If governments really want to improve road safety then they
should put more police out on the roads to enforce the laws.

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