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America, this is your future... by 86GT3.4DOHC
Started on: 03-10-2011 02:06 PM
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Last post by: Patrick's Dad on 03-10-2011 10:33 PM
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Just to reiterate POLITICAL. Im just venting, but I know where this is going.

So I met this girl a few weeks ago, it started off iffy and went downhill from there. In the meantime I gained a lot of insight in the liberal mindset.

I met her from a friend who said she had a friend looking for a free \ cheap phone. I had an old one laying around and for nothing more than kindness to strangers, I volenteered to let her have it.

A week or so later, this girl txt me, long story short, we end up going to Cirque de Solei, $150 tickets each, that will come into consideration later...

From the get go things seemed a little eh for my tastes, but im not elitist or judgemental, and she was really cute and had a good personalitly for the most part so I went with it. She offered up at some point early on that she was 'you're typical welfare mom but not ashamed of it'. She has twin's who's 'baby's daddy' is in and out of prision, whatever thats life sometimes and at least shes in college and moving on right?

Then there were the stories about how she's always driving drunk and whatnot with her friends, but she cant do that now because she has kids and they'd take them away (god forbid)... You know what, Im just going to skip over the gradual decline and jump right to the interesting part.

We went out to a local bar one night, a little pretext she has been looking for a nicer phone, dont blame her, the one I gave her was just a 'get you by' kinda phone. Well on the way she tells me how she knows her friend, or ex, or whatever, has 2 droids just sitting at his house and something about how he is in the hospital. She goes on to say how she is going to 'break in there and steal one'. I was slightly put off, but told myself shes probably just joking\play on words, maybe he wouldnt care or ones hers or something. Nieve of me as you will learn, I'm not positive, but she was probably telling the truth.

So we get there, I wasnt having the greatest time, I had a friend stop by since she was kinda hanging out with people she knew n whatever. So he shows up we talk and whatever for a while and she comes over. I dont even remember how the conversation went there, but she starts telling us about all the stuff that she gets from the government and it was quite sickening and infuriating.

Starts off with however much she gets every month from welfare
Then there was more for each of her kids
Then she gets a $50 gas card every month
Something about her cell phone bill
She also gets $500 however often just for being enrolled in online college, which I think that is also paid for
She goes on about how 'its so easy all you have to do is go down to the building and ask for it, I guess its supposed to be embaressing but.." something something something.

She talks about how she could get a job, but what is the point making $9 or $10 an hour when she makes more just taking in the welfare. Yea, you heard it, she wont work because she makes more money living off the government than if she actually had to get a job, and its so easy to collect that money there is no motivation.

Now it kinda irks me that my tax money paid for that $150 ticket mentioned above. If you're going to live off the govenrment because its more profitable than making your own money, it would at least be nice if it was a hard living...

My friend, who appears calm but assures me later he was about to explode, starts playing with her talking about how he's broke and he cant afford his car payment. She offers to let him hide his car at her house so they cant repo it!!! LMAO. He continues playing with her.

Then the conversation came around about how her brother was working somewhere doing whatever making like $32 an hour but got fired and has been on unemplyment for years now pulling down however much that was. She explains how you have to get fired, you cant quit or you wont get he money and offers some more advice into how to get away with that. Turns out shes a real pro at living off my tax dollar.

At this point, or rather about 20 minutes prior, Im thinking BAIL BAIL BAIL!!! I mean its been easing downhill for a couple of weeks since we met but HELL NO. Dont worry, it just gets better.

So she goes to the bathroom, and comes back like "hey look at my new phone", and opens it under the table. At this point I'm like WTF . I said 'ugh, please tell me someone at least forgot it in there' she said someone left it on the sink when they went into a stall. "But dont worry!!!", she says, "I turned it off, and as long as I activate it before its reported stolen, there is nothing they can do about it"

Im probably forgetting some too, other than the fact the people she was hanging around looked like complete scum. My friend told me if I so much as thought about sleeping with her he would cut my balls off, and went on to point out she would probably poke the condom and try to get pregnant so I'd be another 'baby daddy'. I assured him I that wouldnt be a concern! He was probably right!

I laughed when I read the next day on facebook how she 'bought a new phone on Craigslist but it has a bad ESN' trying to play like she somehow got screwed, not outright robbed someone. You think she even had the decency to take it back and leave it where she stole it so at least that person could have it back, I'm betting not.

I dont even know what else to say or what Im forgetting, havent really talked to her much since, other than to not try to be obvious about anything, she knows I travel a lot and Im hoping as long as I stay on her good side she or one of her dirtball friends wont break into my house. Though she doesnt know about my cameras and DVR so that would actually be a fun time, I will prosecute and I will petition for maximum penalties, thats assuming I dont catch them, in which case prosecution wont be a concern.

So last couple days I have been reading some pretty infuriating stuff on facebook as well. Let me start listing it as I remember,

One of her kids is sick, she talks about taking them to the ER
She talks about how this is so bad because he had whatever and had whatever surgery not too long ago (they're only 18mos)
Something else along those lines
They both are going to go for speech therapy
Today she took both her kids to the Dr and they have ear infections
One of them has been diagnosed with whatever and starts physical therapy tomorrow
That one was also refered to an ENT specialist because he has whatever the other twin had and needed surgery
They still dont know whats wrong with the other one and his walking and he might need whatever specialist.

Now I might sound like a prick, Im not saying these kids shouldnt be getting this healthcare, but who do you think is paying for it? Probably not the person who has no health insurance and no means of income other than welfare. Probably not that same person who hasnt contributed a single thing to the system in the last 2 years (well other than to the crime rate). No, its me, and you paying for these kids $x0,000 of medical care, not the person who is responsible for them. Shes tickled pink about it because in her words 'its all free'

Obamacare, truely the great future of our country, that way people dont even have to TRY to play the system, free healthcare for all.
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Report this Post03-10-2011 02:24 PM Click Here to See the Profile for PyrthianClick Here to Email PyrthianSend a Private Message to PyrthianDirect Link to This Post
lol - great stuff
but - your example calling this girl a "liberal" is kind of misleading
yes, she is abusing "liberal" systems, and most certainly has interests in them systems remaing intact, or even growing, no doubt
in fact, I could even say she is more conservative in that her only concern is herself
but - either way - yes - I too am with your bud who said "if I so much as thought about sleeping with her he would cut my balls off"
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What about the important stuff?
Does she have big boobs?
Did you get to third base?
Does she have a sister?

(edited to remove the question I REALLY wanted to ask.)

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I always said, Spreading your legs shouldnt be a government job.

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I got Nothing !
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Report this Post03-10-2011 07:22 PM Click Here to See the Profile for avengador1Click Here to Email avengador1Send a Private Message to avengador1Direct Link to This Post
You do know that you are now an accomplice of hers now for helping her steal the phone. Run away as fast and as far as you can while you can!
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Report this Post03-10-2011 08:58 PM Click Here to See the Profile for stumpkinClick Here to Email stumpkinSend a Private Message to stumpkinDirect Link to This Post
The Future is here: My father had his taxes done and he is mad as H#LL as he is getting $800 more then was even withheld? We are both scratching our heads over this one. Dad doesn’t have much, & worked hard all his life. He finds this insulting & said “and we wonder why our county id broke.” Then I had our taxes done & we owe a little less than $800. I figured it was because we lost a dependent this year. So I went to increase my withholding & guess what? I already have the max taken out & I had to increase it even more?? I guess this is the middle class squeeze everyone is talking about. I’m a school teacher (not a Milwaukee 100k one) & my wife works part time!!

So I guess I know who is paying for it all - us folks squeezed in the middle.

1986 Red s/e 2m6 5-sp, & 2006 Red Solstice 5-sp

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Only the rich pay taxes and need to pay more.

For all the socialists out there, there is nothing stopping you from contributing more than what is calculated when you do your taxes. And if you qualify for a refund, you can donate that to the Hope and Change people.
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She must give great brain.
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Patrick's Dad
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Report this Post03-10-2011 10:33 PM Click Here to See the Profile for Patrick's DadClick Here to visit Patrick's Dad's HomePageClick Here to Email Patrick's DadSend a Private Message to Patrick's DadDirect Link to This Post
Originally posted by Pyrthian:
in fact, I could even say she is more conservative in that her only concern is herself

Because, yeah, Liberals are more charitable than Conservatives. They give more money and a greater percentage of their income.... Um, wait....

I guess as long as you're thinking about helping those less fortunate with other people's money, that makes sense. :rolleyes
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