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Different Worlds by GoldFiero86SE
Started on: 04-06-2006 11:40 AM
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Last post by: THE REAL Fieronut on 04-07-2006 09:28 AM
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From: Calgary,Alberta, Canada
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Report this Post04-06-2006 11:40 AM Click Here to See the Profile for GoldFiero86SEClick Here to Email GoldFiero86SESend a Private Message to GoldFiero86SEDirect Link to This Post
When I am at work, alot of the time when it's slow I can come on this forum (currently at work right now) and just check it out. I love the supportive nature of this site, it's a vast difference from the other forum I'm a member of. Electrocalgary (a local forum for people in the Calgary region who love EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and its many variations) has in the last few years gone to ****. Basically I spend my whole day there fighting with people over the stupidest things. Electrocalgary teaches you one thing, and that is how to attack and destroy anybody who disagrees with you in any way, for any reason. It's sad really, because a few years ago the forum was an awsome resource, with a wide variety of people who liked many different forms of EDM. Now all it is is people who listen to Drum & Bass, bashing everybody else who posts anything that disagrees with them. The relevance of all this, and the reason I am telling you is it seems to be the latest trend in forums. I've seen quite a few forums go this way, though Electro is by far the worst, and if you can survive there, you can survive anywhere.
Here, people are respectful, nice, and generally very helpful, I suppose its the abundance of mature people, or the fact that if you act like an *** u get banned. I just wanted to say thanks to everybody who makes this such a positive environment, it's a great relief to be able to come here when I'm sick of all the immature bickering everywhere else, and have an intelligent conversation with great people and listen to hundreds of amazing innovations.

Thanks again.

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Report this Post04-06-2006 03:18 PM Click Here to See the Profile for IntelClick Here to visit Intel's HomePageSend a Private Message to IntelDirect Link to This Post
Well spoken!

This Forum is a big and important part of my Fiero hobby. I spend more time here than with my car.
I'm also a member on other Forums, mostly car related (Corvette and Ford) and the trend there is just like you said. If you do anything new and don't follow the mainstream you're out! Another great thing about PFF is that people share! On other forums no one tells you anything because they don't want anyone to do the same modifications or sometimes they want you to pay for the info.

So now is a great time to remind everyone "Don't forget to donate to Cliff so he can afford to keep this great forum alive"

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Report this Post04-06-2006 03:46 PM Click Here to See the Profile for FieroRumorClick Here to visit FieroRumor's HomePageClick Here to Email FieroRumorSend a Private Message to FieroRumorDirect Link to This Post
It stinks that there is negativity in an area like Electronic's supposed to be just everyone on the dance floor groovin' to the same vibe, whatever the vibe happens to be.

Yeah, this place has "good vibes", and I believe that many of its members actually give a crap or two about each other. and the lack of flame wars, and threads in the trash shows that it's a nice virtual place to hang.

be well.


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THE REAL Fieronut
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Report this Post04-07-2006 09:28 AM Click Here to See the Profile for THE REAL FieronutClick Here to Email THE REAL FieronutSend a Private Message to THE REAL FieronutDirect Link to This Post
The Studebaker NG is also a very happy place--lots of guys like me who are probably too old (I'll be 71 in Sep.) to fight, so we kid each other a lot, kinda like here.

And after reading the thing about time travel, I see that there are lots of DEEP thinkers on here, too.

I really ENJOY this NG--kinda takes my mind off the so-called IMPORTANT things in life and lets me think happy thots. But whatever happened to "Chicks WITHOUT Fieros"? Even dirty old guys like ME liked THAT one! (Not that we could do much about 'em!)


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