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Thanks guys for the comfort!!! by BOILERMAKER
Started on: 03-20-2000 07:55 AM
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Last post by: bHooper on 03-23-2000 10:47 PM
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Report this Post03-20-2000 07:55 AM Click Here to See the Profile for BOILERMAKERClick Here to Email BOILERMAKERSend a Private Message to BOILERMAKERDirect Link to This Post
Well, I read your messages all weekend about the recent passing away of one of my co-workers. I truly appreciate all of the replies, but didn't want to get online to reply due to other things going on.

First, he wasn't extremely close, but close enough for me to feel it when I heard the news. I haven't had to deal with this in quite a while, so I was taken back when I found out and didn't know quite how to handle it.

Did I cry? Absolutely! I got to the point where I didn't know what else to do. Everytime I checked out the replies to my post I got more tears in my eyes. I truly appreciate the time you took to try and ease my sorrow.

I know he doesn't have to deal with the day-to-day pain of this world anymore and I am happy for that, but I don't see why a stressed-out, non-smoking, non-drinking 57 year-old man had to leave his family so suddenly.

I believe my sorrow was a little self-centered due to him being in a better place now, but isn't that usually how it is?

I'm by no means over this, but I am actually dealing with it much better now.

All I can do is give my deapest heart-felt thanks to everyone, especially my wife.

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Report this Post03-23-2000 10:47 PM Click Here to See the Profile for bHooperClick Here to Email bHooperSend a Private Message to bHooperDirect Link to This Post
Boilermaker, as everyone else has offered advise and comfort... the only thing I can say, is sorry it happened, glad to see your better about it, and offer a few thoughts myself.

Ironically, a similar thing happened to a fella I work with, last year about this time. My coworker was playing golf with this guy that had jsut taken a early retirement (early 50's, golden parachute deal, they were on the 4 hole, when he felt he had pulled a muscle. Several holes later he said "I need to go to the clubhouse", well, they never made it. Boom, he had a heart attack right there in the cart. This guy was very healthy, he was a star basketball player at NC State in the late '60s, and ran a large textile company until several weeks before his death.

I guess what I'm saying is, you never know when or who it is going to happen to... so the best thing to do is to enjoy life, and in death, celebrate someones life. think of the good things they did, to make people laugh, ect. I beleive that that works much better than morning.

When I go, I have promised all of my friends a party that makes Marti Gras look tame! I think it is easlier that way... there is enough sadness in the world.

I hope no one takes me wrong with this, its just a differetn view on death, thats all. Just as many other things in life, now one view is right or wrong.

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