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Need opinions of cleaning corroded connectors by NashvilleFiero
Started on: 05-13-2008 10:37 AM
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Last post by: Pyrthian on 05-13-2008 11:40 AM
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Hi Guys!
My car sat for 5 years dead. I did some mechanical CPR on it and replaced a lot of things. Now my wallet needs CPR!

Anyway, in the past I have cleaned corrosion off connectors with sand paper or something with grit. Is there a better way to clean these? Maybe battery terminal cleaner spray? Also, can I apply dielectric grease to 12 volt connections to prevent future corrosion or is this for high voltage?


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To clean the connectors I might suggest trying lemon juice. I am guessing the battery terminal cleaner is a type of weak acid much like lemon juice. I would try letting it soak if you have any around.
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Marvin McInnis
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Using sandpaper is a bad idea, since it is likely to remove any protective plating from the contacts along with the corrosion. Similarly, it is a bad idea to use acid or alkali chemical cleaners, even mild ones. An ordinary pencil eraser actually makes a pretty good scrubber for most contacts that you can access. You can buy liquid cleaner formulations for electronic contacts that work pretty well and also contain a lubricant/protectant; they are available from many wholesale electronic parts distributors.

Applying chemical contact cleaner alone is probably the safest treatment for contacts that aren't visibly corroded or oxidized. Most contacts are designed to achieve a certain degree of self cleaning due to the "wiping" action when they are disconnected and reconnected. And yes, you can safely apply electrical-rated dielectric grease to most electrical/electronic contacts after cleaning, regardless of the operating voltage.

Some electrical contacts are made of steel plated with brass, bronze, copper, tin, and/or other materials. A magnet is a quick and simple way to check. If such a contact has corroded down to the steel (i.e. there is visible red rust), then it's usually best to just replace the individual contact or the whole connector.

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Report this Post05-13-2008 11:40 AM Click Here to See the Profile for PyrthianClick Here to Email PyrthianSend a Private Message to PyrthianDirect Link to This Post
cleaning method varies with connector - but always breaks down to some form of scraping. I avoid solvents, because some may brittle the plastic housing. then, sometimes, if possible, adding a slight bend to force better contact. yes, dieelectric grease is good. my favorite grease tho is CV Joint grease. doesnt wash away as easy, tho it is messy/sticky.
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