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Ecotec Mounting Questions by DustoneGT
Started on: 05-12-2008 12:59 AM
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Last post by: wftb on 05-12-2008 07:36 AM
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I am considering installing a 2.4l Ecotec in my 88. It used to have an Iron Duke in it and still has the axles.
I can weld and fabricate, and I can figure out the wiring.
I wanted to see what you have done about some other things...

Will the axles fit into the 5-speed that comes with the Ecotec? Can I take cavalier/cobalt/hhr axles and mix/match parts
with the fiero axles to get a working axle setup?

What about throttle? Does the 2.4 use an electronic throttle or a cable? Do I need to cut my duke cable down to hook up to
the throttle body?

Has anybody worked out the instrument cluster? Can the ecotec ECM talk to the tach and speedo? I don't want to take
a cavalier cluster, I have a cavalier and think that cluster would be too different for the cockpit and destroy it's character.

Shifter cables? What have you all done about that? Can it be set up for a normal shift-pattern without significantly enlarging the
center console? I'm a tall/big guy and don't want the seating any more cramped....

Final thing is the oil filter. On my Cavalier the cover for the filter is in front, but put into the fiero the filter would be against the firewall.
Can it still be accessed? I would hate to have to rock the motor on the mounts every 3,000 miles.

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Report this Post05-12-2008 07:36 AM Click Here to See the Profile for wftbClick Here to Email wftbSend a Private Message to wftbDirect Link to This Post
if the 2.4 uses the getrag F23 5 speed and your fiero is a manual transmission the fiero axles fit right in .i dont know about the drive by roger thelin at 352 375 8259 for an adapter kit to use the stock fiero him , he has a website .cobalt axles will fit in to the fiero hubs , but i dont think you can mix and match .you need to use the cavalier fuel pump or buy an aftermarket high pressure pump .the duke pump is too weak .the v6 throttle cable will clip right on to a cavalier 2.2 throttle body .the duke cable will not .i am sure you could make the fiero cluster work .do it the way the 3800 sc guys do it .i could not be bothered with the extra wiring and i dont like the fiero dash anyway so i adapted the cavalier cluster .the oil filter is accesible without unbolting anything .on mine some of the wiring is in the way but its no biggie to get it out .
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