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Headlight Motot Keeps Spinning! by hazards280
Started on: 04-16-2008 06:57 PM
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Last post by: 85fiero_fanat on 04-16-2008 09:33 PM
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Report this Post04-16-2008 06:57 PM Click Here to See the Profile for hazards280Click Here to visit hazards280's HomePageSend a Private Message to hazards280Direct Link to This Post
I was messing with the knob on the top of the light. When all the sudden it just started spinning and spinning non stop. Now whenever the battery is plugged in it keeps on spinning. What do I do!!!!.....Its my daily car now and I cant drive it.

I looked it up and it says it needs a rebuild but...The gear isnt broke I dont think. Is this going to be a huge costly issue.

It is a 86 GT
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Old Lar
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Report this Post04-16-2008 07:00 PM Click Here to See the Profile for Old LarSend a Private Message to Old LarDirect Link to This Post for rebuild kits.
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Report this Post04-16-2008 07:42 PM Click Here to See the Profile for twofatguysClick Here to Email twofatguysSend a Private Message to twofatguysDirect Link to This Post
Sounds like your gear is stripped. Unplug the green wire coming off the bottom side of the headlight motor and the motor should stop turning. Do not stick your hand under the headlight with power to it, IT WILL HURT. Unhook the battery to the car, then unplug the headlight. They will stay up after you unplug them so you can drive.

You can get the rodney dickman rebuild kit, or buddy craigg on here rebuilds them and ships em to you.

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Report this Post04-16-2008 09:33 PM Click Here to See the Profile for 85fiero_fanatClick Here to Email 85fiero_fanatSend a Private Message to 85fiero_fanatDirect Link to This Post
Or you can rebuild it yourself

first gen motors have a plastic coupling that always breaks. To take the motor apart you just need to unbolt the headlight assembly. Takes like 5 minutes. Then you need to unplug it from the car. When the assembly is out, you can easily unbolt the headlight motor from it. Then drill out the rivets. When you open the casing up, don't be surprised if you see what looks like crayon shavings all over the place. That's what's left of your coupler. It takes a lot for the gears to strip, because they are nylon. If you let the motor run enough, you will eventually strip out a part of the gear.

When you get the assembly open, inspect your nylon gear. If it's stripped, you can get a replacement. If it isn't stripped and the only thing wrong is a bad coupler, just make a new one. I made mine with JB weld, but the instructions I read just said to use hot glue. All you have to do is fill the gear up with jb weld, where the coupler used to be, and let it dry. Then buy some screws, but some grease in the gears, and screw it back together. Will be as good as new.

here's a link about the whole thing...

EDIT: total time working on the project was about an hour. Then I let the jb weld sit over night. The next morning i put the assembly back in. You can just unplug the wire for now and work on it over the weekend if you want. you'll just have a winking fiero until it's fixed.

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