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Carb Troubles - Super Rich/No Idle, etc... by 86SE
Started on: 04-04-2008 10:21 PM
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Last post by: gunslinger on 04-04-2008 10:49 PM
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Report this Post04-04-2008 10:21 PM Click Here to See the Profile for 86SEClick Here to Email 86SESend a Private Message to 86SEDirect Link to This Post
Well I finally got the Fiero out to get her road worthy after months of neglect/storage and we have a few problems... Firstly, no its not a V8, its the
3.4L with the
Edlebrock Torker II
Holley 390CFM 4bbl <-- Old School one, 1960's
Crane 272
etc...., my mini V8!

Ran great last fall, had a few minor issuses to resolve before it was 100%, so its never really been driven with this engine configuration.

Problems: When I first went to start it after sitting all winter with fuel in the carb, cranked and cranked, nothing! Ignition turned out ok, I have a fuel pressure gauge less than a foot from the carb and its reading right at 6.5 psi. So i was getting fuel, or so I thought. After much time wondering why no fuel was making it to my intake, I loosened the float level screw on the top of my primary bowl and could hear the sound of fuel "spraying" into the fuel bowl... Great i thought, that was it, but i have no idea why fuel whould get blocked there!?!?

Turned it over, starts up great. Sounds awesome!! Then it drops off and dies within 5-10 seconds. I have to turn the curb idle screw in till it holds idle, the whole time squinting because my eyes are burning so bad....It wont hold an idle below 1500.. Anything lower than 1500 it will just die..

Plugs: Fouled 2 plugs in my rear bank, all others black with soot.

So all of this should point me towards the Power Valve, right? But then why would fuel get stopped up as it enters the primary bowl right off the fuel line? Maybe the needle and seat are the culprit?? All of the above? Or just the guy workin on it?

Im a newbie when it comes to carbs, so I appologize if it sounds like I don't know what i'm doing....cuz i dont! However, Im waiting on my Holley Carb Manual and new power valve and blow out protector....I'm thinking I should have ordered the whole rebuild kit..

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Report this Post04-04-2008 10:49 PM Click Here to See the Profile for gunslingerSend a Private Message to gunslingerDirect Link to This Post
What it sounds like to me is the fuel gummed up in the float bowl causing the float to stick or the jets are clogged,if you are getting pressure at the fuel regulator and when you press the lever there is no squirt from the nozzle you will have to take it off and soak it in some carb solvent .

When storing your car for an extended period try not to leave any gas in the carb,
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