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thinking of making a rotisserie, thoughts? by Flyguyeddy
Started on: 01-26-2008 11:01 PM
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Last post by: fieroguru on 01-27-2008 07:09 AM
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Report this Post01-26-2008 11:01 PM Click Here to See the Profile for FlyguyeddyClick Here to Email FlyguyeddySend a Private Message to FlyguyeddyDirect Link to This Post
ok i have access to scrap metal and such from work and i want to build a rotisserie.

im thinking i will have it setup for fieros ONLY with all the proper bolt-on parts to hook it up to the front bumper mounts. it will be adjusted for an unladen frame minus doors and suspension parts. this is basically for working on the lower half opf the frame if u want to sandblast and paint or whatever you want to do. i will personally be using it for rerouting my coolant tubes ala 89 prototype and doing some rust-proofing all around. it will have ball bearings on the pivots and they will be greasable. i work at an electric motor repair facility and i can get ahold of used bearings for this project. in fact i have a few set aside for it already. it will be a bolt together setup so it can be broken down for shipment or transportation. i dont know what to do about lifting the body onto the setup, but i think that i will keep the hydraulic lifts off of the frame for ease of building and cost effectiveness. it isnt that hard to jack up an empty car frame anyway. it will be set up so that an unladen frame will be able to be rotated 360 degrees easily by hand and locked down. it will have castors on the legs so that it can be rolled around and whatnot.

but the thing is when i am done with its use i will have absolutely no need for it. so i think i will offer it up to the fiero community as a "rent to own" situation. basically, i use it and when i am done with it i put it up for sale, for the cost of materials only just so i can recoupe my cash into it. the buyer purchases it, and after he is done passes it down the line. sound like a good plan?

is this a feasible plan? would there be a market for such a thing? i know that I will find it very useful in my ventures to rebuild my car, but what about you guys? has anyone gone to such length to rebuild a fiero? i know alex the plazma creator did but i dont recall seeing anyone else do it.

Brandon Edmonds

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Report this Post01-26-2008 11:11 PM Click Here to See the Profile for FirefoxSend a Private Message to FirefoxDirect Link to This Post
I'm actually collecting the steel to assemble one as we speak. I'm making 2 sets of mounts for it, though, as I plan on using mine for my '70 442 convertible first, then swapping out the mounts for my Fiero. I would really like to take mine apart and really clean it up before it htis the road, plus I have someone else that is interested in using it here and there for Fiero work. So, yeah....there is a limited market for it as a Fiero unit, but if you can change out the mounting you can sell it off for anything else.

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Report this Post01-27-2008 07:09 AM Click Here to See the Profile for fieroguruSend a Private Message to fieroguruDirect Link to This Post
My brother built one several years back that his 87 T-Top Aero Monte Carlo took up residency on. I think he had about $400 in materials in his, and that was about 7 years ago, so material costs are up significantly.

It came in real handy, but it will be a rather large piece. The end bases were about 6 feet wide and about 4 feet deep with a bolt in a central tube that connected the two parts. It had casters at both ends and in the center so the whole setup could be moved. Adjusting the elevation of the car relative to the pivot point to allow 1 handed rotating of the chassis took some adjusting to get it just right.

Here is a pic of one from Eastwood:

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