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$200 First Fiero, A Few Problems :) by Wafflez
Started on: 12-15-2007 02:43 AM
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Last post by: James Bond 007 on 12-15-2007 11:45 AM
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Report this Post12-15-2007 02:43 AM Click Here to See the Profile for WafflezClick Here to Email WafflezSend a Private Message to WafflezDirect Link to This Post
Hello everyone,
Just picked up my first Fiero on the 11th, an 85 GT for the hefty sum of $200. The guy thought that the water pump and fuel pump were blown, turns out the rad was cracked, no fluid (lol) and a fuel line blew. Another $200 and a trip the the junkers later i'm on the road. I'm in love with this little red Fiero.

Now, it has a few problems that I was wondering if anyone could share some advice about.
Firstly, it idles between at 2k on cold start, then fluctuates between exactly 1-1.5k, this is clearly higher than the norm, and I'd like to know how other more experienced Fiero owners have dealt with it.

Secondly, the shifter linkage is in (I assume) fairly rough condition, sometimes it is just plain impossible to get it into 1st gear, and there is a fair bit of shifter play. I've looked at a few threads in regard to this, but would like to know if it is possible to lube/adjust rather than replace the shift cable / bushings. I had similar problems on my Toyota Truck and it turned out to be two $5 bushings, but I have no experience with remote-tranny setups.

Thirdly, it seems that the seatbelts don't lock up, no matter how hard im braking. This is a *slight* concern

And last but not least, the driver side door handle, both door locks and the decklid lock are all broken, I have a parts Fiero spoken for at a local junker, and was wondering if it is easer to replace the whole handle/lock assembly rather than just the lock cylinder.

Sorry to dump this all in one thread, please feel free to answer any of my questions, Thanks in advance,
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Report this Post12-15-2007 03:07 AM Click Here to See the Profile for fierodeletreClick Here to Email fierodeletreSend a Private Message to fierodeletreDirect Link to This Post
If it's hard to get into first, make sure your clutch is fully disengaging. If it isn't, you'll blow up your tranny soon trying to force it into first. Have someone fiddle with the shifter (with the car off) while you pop the decklid and watch the shifter assembly on top of the tranny. Have the helper smoothly shift through all gears and watch for slop. The fiero shifter itself isn't known for its precision, so bear that in mind. The idle is most likely a vacuum leak somewhere in the million miles of vacuum lines the 2.8 has. Check obvious stuff first, like around the map sensor, the brake booster, the egr solenoid, anything could cause it. Oh, and welcome to the forums and the fiero fanaticism!

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Report this Post12-15-2007 03:09 AM Click Here to See the Profile for RWDPLZClick Here to visit RWDPLZ's HomePageSend a Private Message to RWDPLZDirect Link to This Post
First problem: Probably a vacuum leak. Unfortunately the 2.8L has about 3.2 miles of vacuum line running every which way. Here's a diagram:

Second problem: Not sure, but Fiero manual transmissions have all sorts of problems...

Third Problem: The Fiero has a pendulum -type lock-up for the seatbelt, it SHOULD lock up when stoping hard, but not when pulling on it quickly (like newer seatbelts). If it's not doing this, yeah I'd be worried, too.

Fourth: The handle and lock assembly are completely seperate components. Unfortunately, the only real good way to get at the locks is the take the inner AND outer door skins off. The trunk lock is pretty easy though. The Fiero Store sells a complete set of all three brand new locks for $54.95, part # 59909

Here's the how-to's on removing the door parts:

Good luck!


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Report this Post12-15-2007 11:45 AM Click Here to See the Profile for James Bond 007Send a Private Message to James Bond 007Direct Link to This Post
Welcome to the forum.From what I've read,the aluminum clutch pedal bends causeing it to become really hard to shift into gear (try the easyiest fixes firts).Try Fiero store for a replacement.If the check engine light is on pull the codes.
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