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sound system questions... by BobadooFunk
Started on: 10-18-2007 12:19 AM
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Last post by: Brastic on 10-18-2007 12:22 PM
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ok.. stock sub enclosure (i covered it in neoprene to help reduce plastic vibration noise) what does the stuff you put inside do? (polyfill?) as far as sound..?

up front, should i buy the polk momo 4x10's w/crossovers, or build plates w/components?

(in back i already have clarion 4x6 component plates and they sound amazing!)

my sub is the already talked about 5.25 tangband sub (from BigFieroMan 's thread)

knowing this what type of amp do i want (i know almost NOTHING about amps.) mono or 4channel? amp sub and speakers?

pix of this stuff in my build thread.. pgs 4+5


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polyfill makes the box "bigger" as far as the speaker goes. if you are using a stock woofer in there dont stuff it. if you are using the Tang Band speaker as mentioned in one of the other posts, stuff it loosely with the poly fill, put a little in the port tube and cut off 3/4 of an inch to tune the box perfectly to the tang band 5.25" subwoofer driver.

I just finished tuning up one of these to match that box. using the port tube with a bit of the poly fill in the tube helps to reduce velocity in the tube and makes it possible for you to tune it to the enclosure and get 35% more bass from it and make it sound better.

UPDATE : I updated fierosound with this info.... Increase the trimming of the tube to 2 inches instead of the 3/4 I reccomended above. It get's rid of some of the boomyness I found. I also added more poly fill to the box as well. I had a problem with a "boomy sound" when anything with heavy bass was played. Taking off the 2 inches made the bass response flatter across the frequencies.

Dont have to take it out, take off the pass side dash speaker and you can release the tube (if you did not glue it on) to trim and replace. That's what I did to tune it further. It seems that the Tang Band speaker will get looser as it get's broken in. this raises the Q and makes it need a shorter port.

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There are a lot of amps out there and the sky is the limit on cost. For my car, I did not want to spend a lot of money, nor have a great stereo. I wanted something that would sound good with out breaking the bank. I upgraded the speakers, deck and added a factory sub woofer. I upgraded the factory sub woofer like you. For the sub amp, I went with the close out special from Parts Express and am happy with it.

Parts Express Sub Amp:
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