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HELP needed fast, what torque converter / tranny ? by Mika Ruusuvuori
Started on: 03-26-2004 06:59 AM
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Last post by: ryan.hess on 03-26-2004 12:25 PM
Mika Ruusuvuori
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Report this Post03-26-2004 06:59 AM Click Here to See the Profile for Mika RuusuvuoriSend a Private Message to Mika RuusuvuoriDirect Link to This Post

Summer is coming and I took the car for a short spin after long winter, result: Too much revving and
excelerating with high boost and tranny blew up (again). Keeps strange noice and rattles like hell.

I have TH125C automatic transmission in my Fiero and (as you can tell) itīs not holding up very well.

I believe that the biggest problem is the very low STALL speed (original converter),
I need a converter with around 2000-2400 stall ?
Where can I get one and what are the prises ?
I also need a heavy duty cluch pack and actually all other parts in it ?

We have very limited parts available here in Finland and thatīs why Iīm asking.

I would gladly swap a 4t60 trans in to my fiero if somebody would make easy instructions on what
I need to get + the tranny and what cable modifications etc things I have to do ?
I have been looking many sites that write about the tranny swap but theyr a total mesh?

I believe it wouldnīt be a big deal for somebody who has done the swap, to make a simple list
of what you need and what to do ? (swap is to the original 60deg,fiero block)

Like this:
1 pcs 4t60 ? tranny from 1991 pontiac ??
1 pcs of trans mount (get it here: www.tarnsmount.yy) or a picture of self made ?
1 pcs resistor 56k for the torque cable ??
1 pcs cardan axle ??
1 pcs juicy fruit chewing gum ??
and then, the installation instructions, propably with few pictures ?

Check this:

Iīm ready to eaven pay somebody if I could get full instructions on how to manage

Best regards,

Angry turbo fiero owner with 4th time broken th125 transmission.

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Report this Post03-26-2004 12:25 PM Click Here to See the Profile for ryan.hessClick Here to Email ryan.hessSend a Private Message to ryan.hessDirect Link to This Post
I don't know about paying me, but giving me a plus wouldn't hurt
Complete instructions for installing the 4t60:

btw, you can get a "bulletproof" 4t60e from domestic performance... Don't know about shipping something like that to finland, but might be worth checking out?

Don't know about your torque converter problem... I *think*, don't quote me, but I *think* the quad 4 torque converter when used in a v6 would give you what you're looking for.

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