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Started on: 03-20-2004 01:35 AM
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Last post by: theogre on 03-20-2004 12:23 PM
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My coolant fan has never run since I bought my Fiero on ebay 2/04. It's hardwired into the passenger compartment but the male end simply hangs down. Which fuse slot do I put it into? I have heard of people doing this shortcut, but I have not heard why, and I would like to have my Fiero fan wired properly so it doesn't run all the time.
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Hi prenfroe and welcome to the forum.You say it's hard wired into the passenger compartment?Fuse slot on the passenger side?Im not sure exactely what kind of setup,you have installed.Do you still have the fan relay and wiring harness, to the relay, in front of the drivers side headlight?The wire,that your talking about is either a ground wire or a power wire, to the fan (or possibly something else).Can you trace the wire that you spoke of and see exactely were it goes?You don't want to apply power to this wire if it's a ground wire.This wire may be green with a stripe and not the traditional black wire.You need to trace this wire,unless you already know that it poweres the fan.
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What he said. Make very sure what that wire goes to. From the factory. Black wires are nearly always grounds. If someone added a wire that can complicate things allot.

If you are trying to run the fan motor directly from the fuse block... good luck. The radiator fan draws a rather huge amount of current and doesn't run off the fuse block. The E Fan fuse only protects the control circuit side of the relay and runs the small auxilary fan on 85-87 V6 models.

The fan is covered partly in one of my cave articles. Start there.

Also keep in mind... If your cooling plumbing is working properly... In normal operation the fan won't turn on very often even in hot weather. You have to sit still quite a while to get it running with an L4, not quite so long on a V6.

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