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Lock assemblies - can tumblers be changed? by DougKraft
Started on: 12-07-2003 08:06 PM
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Last post by: Electrathon on 12-07-2003 09:54 PM
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Report this Post12-07-2003 08:06 PM Click Here to See the Profile for DougKraftClick Here to Email DougKraftSend a Private Message to DougKraftDirect Link to This Post
Lock assemblies - can tumblers be changed? My trunklid lock assembly is broken but I would like to take the tumblers out and put them in anouther lock assembly. Can this be done?

Thanks, Doug

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Report this Post12-07-2003 08:11 PM Click Here to See the Profile for rogergarrisonClick Here to Email rogergarrisonSend a Private Message to rogergarrisonDirect Link to This Post
Yep, buts its hard if you dont know how. But relatively easy. Any locksmith can do it in a few minutes or you can take your lock to a GM dealer. Some will do them for free, some will charge you a small fee. I get a set keyed at a local dealer for $25.
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Report this Post12-07-2003 08:39 PM Click Here to See the Profile for theogreClick Here to visit theogre's HomePageSend a Private Message to theogreDirect Link to This Post
I think the GM dealers are one of the few places that can get blank lock bodies. They have kits of tumbler parts that they use to populate the bodies to match the other locks in the car.

It is posible to get locks at parts stores and get them rekeyed... you may want to try a local lock smith and see if they can make one the same as GM dealers do. It may be cheaper than a parts store lock plus the rekey fee.

It is posible to DIY the lock but it can be quite ticky if you've never done it. It's hard to explain. It's more time consuming than dificult as long as you pay attention to detail.

On a side note... If the trunk lock has quit... also consider replacing the drivers side lock. That one takes the most wear of all them and probably isn't in that great a shape. Pasenger's side lock gets hardly any wear but can corrode up bad.

If you are doing one, you may as well check all them. It's probably cheaper than rekeying them one at a time.

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Report this Post12-07-2003 09:54 PM Click Here to See the Profile for ElectrathonClick Here to visit Electrathon's HomePageClick Here to Email ElectrathonSend a Private Message to ElectrathonDirect Link to This Post
It is very do-able, you will need a retainer for the springs. If the dealer is in a good mood they will likely give you one. It is a $.25 part.

Pull the cover off you lock and slide out the center part. You will see a plate that is on the side of the cylinder. The springs are below the plate. With a small flat screwdriver pry out the plate, you will have to replace it. Pull out the springs. Carefully remove the wafers that the springs were holding in. DO NOT loose the order. The wafers are what creates the code, if you look at them carefully you will see a small notch, it is in a differant place on most of them.

Take apart the other lock and do the same thing, reasemble with the wafers from the lock you have the key to. reinstall the springs and gently push in the new spring retainer. With a small pin punch you will have to stake in the corners, you will be able to see where it was staked before, do it again, just don't crush the lock. Put the rest of it back togeather.

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