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Help me remove the Fastback clip!!! by sc3800ttops
Started on: 10-03-2003 12:02 AM
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Last post by: Rickady88GT on 10-03-2003 11:20 AM
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Report this Post10-03-2003 12:02 AM Click Here to See the Profile for sc3800ttopsClick Here to Email sc3800ttopsSend a Private Message to sc3800ttopsDirect Link to This Post
I am trying to get the entire body off my GT and am temporaraly stumped on the F/B clip. Got the bolts from inside the car (roof) and behind the rear lights. Do I need to remove the quarter glass? And there seems to be a panel behind the quarter glass, does this come out somehow?? Any advice would help.


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Report this Post10-03-2003 08:44 AM Click Here to See the Profile for MooCowClick Here to Email MooCowSend a Private Message to MooCowDirect Link to This Post
Not 100% sure if they are actually rivits but thats what I call them

Step 1:
There are two metal rivits that are under the sail window. One on each side. If you are really good you can snap those out without breaking the sail window, but is very hard to do. You are better off to take the sail window off and then you will have access to the rivets. They are located about 1 inch over from the door, and 1 inch up from the bottom of the sail window.

Step 2:
As far as the piece that the engine vents hook onto, there are some screws on that. Once all the screws are out it does just pop out. Easier to pull it off by using a small flat head screw driver and starting by the rear window and working your way down.

**You are best if you do Step 2 first. Then you can take a razor or knife and cut the sail windows out. If you have a heat gun you can heat up the edges some and the tape holding it will come off. There are also supposed to be string inside the tape that you can pull to get the sail window out, but only 1 of mine had the string.**

Step 3:
You also have to make sure that both fenders are off on the rear.

Step 4:
Also the tail lights have to be out as there are screws behind those.

Step 5:
Another thing you need to do is the gas cap housing needs to come off.

After that it should be free. Dont forget even thoe you took the screws off inside the car on the headliner that you need to pull up on the roof section itself as the fastback clip lays under that. Be carefull pulling the roof up so you dont break it.

That is basically it. If you need more help let me know as I just got done takeing two Fieros apart. Very easy to do.
Have fun

Thanks Ken

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mike kaas
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Report this Post10-03-2003 09:21 AM Click Here to See the Profile for mike kaasClick Here to Email mike kaasSend a Private Message to mike kaasDirect Link to This Post
jason> moo cow has covered everything pretty well, the fasteners on the quarter windows you asked about are studs with nuts that have to be removed from the inside of the car. they are behind the molding by the seat back. the nuts are by the lower front of the window, remove these nuts and the fastback will come off without removing the quarter windows. the hardest part is removing the inner molding of the quarter windows, it's a tight fit. then there is screws fastening the fastback down to the frame under the quarter window molding.
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James Bond 007
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Report this Post10-03-2003 11:02 AM Click Here to See the Profile for James Bond 007Send a Private Message to James Bond 007Direct Link to This Post
As mike kaas says there are fasteners (one on each side under the quarter windows and can be taken out from the inside.But if your quarter windows are junk then carefully remove the quarter windows.(Carfull that plastic is sharp,and don't bust the rear window in the process).You should now see a flat round piece of steel sort of like a washer or something like that.You can use an electric drill and a grinder to grind the heads off.Also besure to pop the inner Black Frame to the quarter window as mike kaas also says.I used a big screwdriver and slid it olong the length of the frame.I think there was 1 small hidden screw under a 1 inch black plastic square plug,to the left of the trunk.Also the trunk release mechanism hinges open,so use a small thin screwdriver to pop that open.

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Report this Post10-03-2003 11:20 AM Click Here to See the Profile for Rickady88GTClick Here to Email Rickady88GTSend a Private Message to Rickady88GTDirect Link to This Post
I took off at least two fast back clips without taking off the Q windows. Taking off the Q window is almost a death sentance for the Q window. I found that taking off the inner trim from the rear first and working my way to the front/top by pushing down and in (towords the center of the car) seems to work best, and no tools needed to pry them off. No the Q pannels do not need to come off eather. You need to take off the side molding to get to the rivets under the molding(the half round black side moulding) There are two black aluminum rivets that hold the sides of the clip to the car and two plastic rivets that hold the Q pannels to the clip. Drill out the aluminum rivets with all the others, and the whole rear clip will come off in one piece, clip, Q windows and Q pannels.
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