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Fiero recall question ??? by Village Idiot
Started on: 10-02-2003 04:11 PM
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Last post by: Fie Ro on 10-02-2003 05:41 PM
Village Idiot
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I recently bought a 86GT with 30,000 original miles on it , it has been sitting in storage for the last 10 years , so I'm guessing it's missed most of it's recalls , is there a list some where with all the Fiero recalls ? and/or , which ones should I pay most attention too , I realize I'll have to have them fixed myself but I would like to get it updated the best I can


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Actually...your friendly Pontiac dealer may have to do the recalls - You can check to see if there are any recall decals under the engine cover or, where they should be, on the left front fenderwell next to the build sticker. They are 1x3 white stickers that will list the recall campaign # and when fixed. Some recalls may have been done but the stickers are missing.

You can read up on the recalls on several web sites -


and here's a link to an earlier discussion with info on getting the recall done:

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Welcome to the forum!

This page in Ogre's Cave has most of the info:

Also this page from the fiero Online Service Guide:

And it is still possible to have the dealer perform the recalls, it may just take some persuasion. I bought my 86 GT in Feb, and had the recall work performed. I had to call Pontiac (1-800-PM-CARES) to have it arranged, and it took the dealer about a week to locate the necessary parts. Some have had luck with this, others have not. Be persistent, but don't be a jerk (these guys wuill be working on your car, after all). Good luck!

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You might be lucky (when you have a leaking exhaust manifold) but make sure you benefit from this before taking it to a dealer. If they don't do it right it gets worse. get all the info first!
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