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bonzo ( MSG #1, 02-15-2005 07:13 PM
      I was wondering how many PFFers were winners at past Fiero Weekend in Daytona. Could you post a pic and what class and place you won. Thanx

FieroHarry ( MSG #2, 02-15-2005 08:09 PM
      I took "Highest Mileage" March of 2002 with the "Mistress"!

Jack Cooke ( MSG #3, 02-15-2005 08:52 PM
      "Spirit" won "Best of Modified" in 2003 and again 2004. Not showing this year just displaying. Sorry no pictures. I gotta learn how to do it. Don't have any of latest changes anyway and I am not through with the car.

Old Lar MSG #4, 02-15-2005 10:44 PM
Not my best shot of Jack's car in 2004

My 88 won in the modified class 2004

Mt 87 GT won several years ago in stock class.(I gotta get it out of storage)

mrfixit58 ( MSG #5, 02-16-2005 09:19 AM
      2002 - 3rd place Dailey Driver Stock GT
2004 - 2nd place Dailey Driver Custom GT
2004 - Best Custom Interior

LT188GT ( MSG #6, 02-16-2005 09:36 AM
      First place Modified in 2003.
Third place Custom GT 2002.
Third place Street Custom 2001.
First place Custom GT 2000.
First place Street Custom GT 1999.

Missed last years show because of a binding throttle cable on the way to Daytona.

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bonzo ( MSG #7, 02-16-2005 06:26 PM
Originally posted by mrfixit58:

2004 - 2nd place Dailey Driver Custom GT

Do you have a pic of this?

There has got to be more than 4 PFF winners.

Proud88GT ( MSG #8, 02-16-2005 09:50 PM
      BEST OF SHOW 2003 and many others as well.

red GT MSG #9, 02-16-2005 10:08 PM
      I never win anything!

Tom Corey ( MSG #10, 02-16-2005 10:53 PM
      Here's my 88GT 3800 - multiple trophy winner

People's Choice
First in Modified
Best Re-engineered Fiero (twice)
Best Displayed

The last picture is of the louvered bellypan with the Pegasus on it - reflected in a mirror on the ground.

Ronnie ( MSG #11, 02-16-2005 11:24 PM
      Daytona has been good to me and my 88 Formula T-Top. Can't get P.I.P. to dwnld , so no pics.
2002 - " Best of Class - Daily Driver"
also "Hard Luck Trophy" but persistense paid off, that's another story, but don't give up on trying to make the Show !
2003 - 1st Place - Daily Driver Notchback
2004 - 2nd place - Daily Driver Notchback & Fastback combined - high mileage (over 100k miles)
Maybe someone can post a pic for me if they have one, danged PIP

tellron ( MSG #12, 02-16-2005 11:44 PM
      Went to my first show in Daytona in 1998 when I purchased my 1st fiero. Had no idea what I was getting into at that point but I do remember that I told my son that next year we are going to enter my car. So after working on it long and hard here is what I have racked up in past years:
1999 1st Place in Daily Driver SE Class
2000 1st Place in Street SE Class
2001 1st Place in Street SE Class
Moved up a notch in 2002 and decided to make some changes to the car.
2002 1st Place in Custom Class SE Notchback
2003 2nd Place in Custom Class Notchback
2004 - missed Daytona wife won a free all expense paid trip to Maui HI through her work so I could say no on that one, even though I was really thinking Daytona the whole trip. In fact I actually went out to Daytona on Thursday, stayed all day, slept for a few hours and then drove back to Tampa in the wee hours of the morning to catch a flight out Friday morning. While out whale watching on Saturday, I was talking to Frank Martin (Dragon) checking on the show instead of looking for blooming whales. I have a very understanding wife.

All this and I drive my Fiero every day back and forth to work. Going to repaint this year for the show but that is about it. And of course clean clean clean. Wouldn't miss the show for anything.
Won at Osage Beach Fiero Fesival in 2002 - Board of Directors Choice
Won 2nd Place at the 17th Annual Fiero Fesival in Williamsburg also
As you can se I drive my car everywhere.

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bonzo ( MSG #13, 02-17-2005 05:40 PM
      This is good stuff. This will be my first year. I'm entering Daily Driver Custom.

hnthomps ( MSG #14, 02-17-2005 06:37 PM
      I took third place in Custom Rebody (red F308 style) in 2004 and have some pictures but they are too large (350K to 400K) to post on the Forum. Anyone have a good image resizer program?

kmunson56 ( MSG #15, 02-17-2005 09:01 PM
      Our GT took 2nd in custom, best wheels, best reengineered, inovation award, and most scoops award in 2002. Got 3rd in modified and peoples choice in 2003. Didn't take it to the 2004 show due to engine problems. Our Formula got "Best in Stock" and best stock paint at the 2004 show. Both will be in display class this year so we can enjoy all the other cars more.
Kris and Audrey Munson

bonzo ( MSG #16, 02-18-2005 08:36 PM
      Bump ttt

bonzo ( MSG #17, 02-22-2005 05:40 AM

Phil ( MSG #18, 02-22-2005 09:31 AM
The yellow one - First Modified
The Burgandy one - First Daily driver custom

mrfixit58 ( MSG #19, 02-22-2005 09:37 AM
Originally posted by Phil:

The yellow one - First Modified
The Burgandy one - First Daily driver custom

Both look rather modified at the moment.

Mid to late 70s expected today .

Tom Corey ( MSG #20, 02-22-2005 06:36 PM
Originally posted by Phil:

The yellow one - First Modified
The Burgandy one - First Daily driver custom

So, what's with the white paint and why did you paint the windows, too? Not sure I like it. Is this something new for the Custom and Modified classes?

Ronnie ( MSG #21, 02-22-2005 07:30 PM
      GET OUT , GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN PHIL !!! I think if I was you , I'd go ahead and leave tomorrow and head on down to Florida. I remember what your car looked like last year when you got there !! You need to post a picture of it "as is" or would that be "as was" .
Hey Tom , what happened to that car? I've never seen pictures of it before.Where is it now? Good looking car, as usual.

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bonzo ( MSG #22, 02-25-2005 05:44 AM
      Keep them comming. If you have a pic of your trophy post it too.


madcurl ( MSG #23, 02-25-2005 06:15 AM
      Didn't the Plasma win at Daytona 2004?

85LAMB ( MSG #24, 02-25-2005 06:33 PM
      The Plazma won first place in it's class which I think was toghether with the rebodies.

Originally posted by red GT:
I never win anything!

Now that is funny, that is the same as Armstrong saying, I know how to ride a bike but I never win.....
For those that don't know, his car has won best in class in Daytona and a big show up north.
His car is my favorite Fiero, his attention to detailed is impressive and I am suprissed it has not been in a magazine jet, but I am sure it will one day.

Ronnie ( MSG #25, 02-25-2005 10:39 PM
      Somebody correct me if I'm wrong here , but didn't "Plasma" win "Best of Show" last year?

bonzo ( MSG #26, 02-26-2005 11:23 PM
      Well that's 12 PFFers that have won. I'm sure there are more.

CoolBlue87GT ( MSG #27, 02-27-2005 01:02 AM
      Okay , since you want to see more, I'll post my info.

2001 Best of Stock Group , Best Stock Paint, and Best of Show
2002 1st Place Stock Class Fastback
2003 2nd Place Stock Class Fastback , Best Stock Paint
2004 1st Place Stock Class, Best Stock Interior

mrfiero ( MSG #28, 02-27-2005 01:23 AM
      I got the "most miles driven" award last year. I think Curley will take that honor this year!

bonzo ( MSG #29, 03-05-2005 12:25 AM

Two weeks til Daytona. Who has entered, Win or Lose. Show some pics of the show.