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Topic started by: Cliff Pennock, Date: 07-12-2003 07:49 AM
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Cliff Pennock ( MSG #1, 07-12-2003 07:49 AM
      As you can see, some subject headers are now suddenly colored. That's because I'm testing a new color coding system for The Mall section.

With this new color coding you should be able to more easily identify if it's a "For Sale", "Wanting to Buy", "Wanting to Trade", "Free Stuff" or "Group Purchase" ad.

For now, to color code your ad, simply start your subject header with either

WTB: (for "Wanting to Buy")
FS: (for "For Sale")
WTT: (for "Wanting to Trade")
GP: (for "Group Purchase")
FREE: (for "Free Stuff")

You can leave your comments on the new color coding sysytem here. I'm open for suggestions.

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Rodrv6 ( MSG #2, 07-12-2003 09:00 AM
      I like it!!!!

AusFiero ( MSG #3, 07-12-2003 09:39 AM
      Looks good Cliff. How about a colour for FREE: So we can all jump fast.

Fformula88 MSG #4, 07-12-2003 10:19 AM
      Very cool idea! Looks great!!

tesmith66 MSG #5, 07-12-2003 10:28 AM
      Very good idea!! I like it. And, like Aus said, a different color for free stuff would be nice.

Maybe this will help get rid of the space and time wasting "I'm thinking of selling..." threads.

Looking good, Cliff!

LZeitgeist ( MSG #6, 07-12-2003 11:10 AM
      Hey wow, it works great!

Cliff Pennock ( MSG #7, 07-12-2003 11:49 AM
      Ok, added a color for "Free Stuff".

derangedsheep MSG #8, 07-12-2003 11:49 AM
      i like it. it really caught my eye as soon as the page loaded.

Fierofreak00 ( MSG #9, 07-12-2003 12:24 PM
Originally posted by derangedsheep:

i like it. it really caught my eye as soon as the page loaded.

I agree..that was the first thing I noticed. Great idea Cliff I really think this is gonna work out great!! If I could reate you again I would!

Rainman MSG #10, 07-12-2003 12:36 PM
      I like it.

One suggestion: would it be possible to remove the "shadowed" wording behind the thread title? I think most people can figure out the abbreviations, and everyone will soon enough have the color codes memorized as to what each means. I find that the background wording makes it a little difficult to read the titles.

Formula88 MSG #11, 07-12-2003 12:40 PM
      Thanks, Cliff!

JazzMan ( MSG #12, 07-12-2003 12:46 PM

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rynelson85 ( MSG #13, 07-12-2003 02:37 PM
      I love it!!!

ryan.hess ( MSG #14, 07-12-2003 04:13 PM
      I think it's a good idea, but yeah, it's blinding me! Maybe just have red text for "wanted" (wanted to trade, wtb, etc..), and blue text for "selling" ads (FS,etc) maybe green text for free ads or something.. Just a thought.

Phil ( MSG #15, 07-12-2003 04:32 PM
      For the senior citizens on the Forum, the green is a trifle tough to read.

Cliff Pennock ( MSG #16, 07-12-2003 04:40 PM
Originally posted by Phil:

For the senior citizens on the Forum, the green is a trifle tough to read.

The colors will change. I just picked a few random colors.

skitime ( MSG #17, 07-12-2003 06:46 PM
      Cliff could you make the colored text be flush right instead of flush left? The letters get lost under the headings.

Manic Mechanic ( MSG #18, 07-12-2003 06:51 PM
      No sir, I don't like it. It makes it a pain if your just wanting to browse through. Constantly shifting from one color to the next gets kinda hurtful on the eyes. (and no I'm not old.)

Electrathon ( MSG #19, 07-13-2003 03:14 AM
      I really like it IF the colors are more subtle.


naskie18 ( MSG #20, 07-13-2003 04:20 PM
      I think its aweomse!!!!!! Cliff, you rule

Larry ( MSG #21, 07-13-2003 04:22 PM
      Thanks for always trying to improve the Forum, but I personally don't care for the added colors as it really slows down my scan time.

Cliff Pennock ( MSG #22, 07-13-2003 04:30 PM
      I can see both sides here. If you are a "quick scanner", the colors can slow you down a bit. However, a lot of people are either looking for something they need, or something they want to sell. For those the colors are a big help because they can concentrate on the right ads only. Maybe I can build in an option where you can turn the colors off if you want. I'll need to experiment with that. Something like that will make everybody happy.

fierohutch ( MSG #23, 07-13-2003 07:52 PM
      i really like it

Manic Mechanic ( MSG #24, 07-14-2003 02:13 AM
      Maybe instead of coloring in the whole section, you could add another section that could be color coded. Right before the title section would work best IMHO.

stevenrossi ( MSG #25, 07-14-2003 08:03 AM
      I think that next you should put a little flag icon to show where the item is from. I only buy things from Canada, therefore, I hate looking through each post too see where the seller is from. So, it would be cool to see a little flag next to the Title of the post showing where the item is located in. Perhaps this flag "tag" could be permanently placed next to the users name as an option he / she selected in his / her profile so that every post he / she makes will have the flag next to the name. This can be very useful in the Mall section so that people looking to buy items only located in a certain country, and perhaps only a certain state / province of any given county can find this information out a lot easier. This may be difficult too actually do, however, location identifiers for the mall section would be greatly beneficial, at least time saving. As for the color is very too is going to be time saving, that and it looks very cool!

JazzMan ( MSG #26, 07-15-2003 09:36 PM

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GrammarGuy ( MSG #27, 07-16-2003 09:21 PM
      It's an improvement, but I think that seperate sections/sub-sections for: buy, sell etc. would be a lot easier.

normalicy ( MSG #28, 07-17-2003 12:59 PM
      I like the idea, but maybe you should keep the background color the same and just put the words for sale or for trade. Definately something that I wish other forums did.

BlueGT MSG #29, 07-20-2003 03:26 AM
      I think the color coding is a great idea, but I think it is a bit difficult to read the topic. Perhaps a color or symbol at the end of the row would work well... just my .02

jelly2m8 ( MSG #30, 07-20-2003 01:29 PM
      hate to say it Cliff, but I have been avoiding the mall lately. Today is the first time I looked in it in a week, and after 10 seconds, I had enough.

Personally I find it annoying because it drastically reduces scanning time like was suggested, but the biggest problem for me is the contrasting colors.

I find it hard to focus on one to another much in the same way as reading a black screen webpage with white text, then looking at a white paged screen with black text, or even looking at PFF after the black screen...

Arizona85GT ( MSG #31, 07-20-2003 11:13 PM
      Its a cool new thing man, Its easier to pickout the stuff for sale great idea!

derangedsheep MSG #32, 07-22-2003 09:43 PM
      i like how you changed the color coding, looks better, thanks Cliff!

jlhuber ( MSG #33, 07-22-2003 11:17 PM
      What about changing the icons to the left of the suject line for those who find the full-length bars distracting? Maybe something like this:

F/S :for sale
WTB :wanting to buy
WTT :wanting to trade
F/F :for free

People could then see and chose what they want instead of trying to remember the code to get the correct header. As you prolly noticed, some people still either don't know or forgot them.

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musicman_L7 ( MSG #34, 07-23-2003 12:15 AM
      I like the new small banners above the topic... A huge improvement over the first color code deal... But, ideally, I still like the idea of them being in seperate sections, for sale here, want to buy there, want to trade... etc.


Bernie ( MSG #35, 07-23-2003 12:25 AM
      I am not digging this color code thing at all.
I tend to skip over a lot of posts because the colors break everything up.

I agree that separate boards would work but it was actually ok for me the way it was.


GTDude ( MSG #36, 07-23-2003 06:01 AM
      I don't like those tiny little scripts below the ad. I have a hard time reading them.....and I'm OLD ENOUGH.......I guess....LOL


Wudman ( MSG #37, 07-23-2003 01:22 PM
      I like the effort to distinquish, though I thought the full color bar was a bit distracting. The small icon idea sounds pretty good. As far as a bunch of seperate catagories for all, that would not be good in my humble opinion. In the original form, the board let one read all. We could easily skim over topics in the Mall that didn't interest us. On the other hand, it did appeal to the implusive nature of shopping. Someone looking for an idea might find a 120 speedo that they sort of wanted.

maryjane MSG #38, 07-27-2003 01:48 AM
      A litle know fact-a good majority of men-30 and older have a degree of colorblindness. It isn't the normal color blindness, but has to do with being able to easily focus on 2 or more colors at once. It is especially bad with pastel colors. most people don't even know they have it. I know i didn't know, till I went in for a bad welding flash burn. One of the few times I can see colors correctly, is when I burn my eyes.

RWDPLZ MSG #39, 07-27-2003 12:06 PM
      One thing that's always REALLY bugged me is knowing where the seller IS. Maybe replace the column with the note, caution sign, and smiley icons to, say, the postal identification for the state they're in.

For instance, Michigan would be MI, Texas would be TX. A country like Canada or the Netherlands could have that country's flag, since anyone in that country would know what their flag looks like.

CoolBlue87GT ( MSG #40, 07-31-2003 06:44 PM
      Not bad, I thank you for trying something different.

I'd perfer the items to be grouped seperately,

Auction items,

For sale

Want to buy



This way, I could locate the all the items that I wanted to view w/out sifting through all the items.

FTF Engineering MSG #41, 07-31-2003 09:05 PM
      Cliff, Most times I go to the mall, not looking for anything particular, but just browsing.

I'm usually not looking for anything in particular... I may see a for sale ad that catches my eye, and I may see a WTB ad that does the same.

The point is that I don't go to the mall with just one thing in mind and because of that, the color coding REALLY slows me down.

I appreciate the creativity and the effort, but I don't like it.

I want to scan through the titles quickly and without distraction. I don't care if it's a FS or a WTB and the color bar completely separating one title from another really breaks up the continuity of a scan.

How about moving the color coding to a vertical bar at the very left edge of the topic column. That way you could still do an uninterrupted vertical scan of the topics and offer color coding for those people visiting the mall with one thing in mind.

Yet another viewer's humble opinion.

-Bruce at FTF Engineering

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Cheever3000 MSG #42, 07-31-2003 09:10 PM
      I appreciate the effort, but to me the color bar going all the way across is distracting. I agree with those who suggest separate groupings. But then, I am surprised there aren't more free items posted. I'll have some when (if) I get my garage reorganized.

Oh, um, how does a person get the bar on there?

FastIndyFiero ( MSG #43, 08-01-2003 01:00 PM
Originally posted by Cheever3000:
Oh, um, how does a person get the bar on there?

By putting "FS:", "WTB:" and the other abreviations in the subject line. It is automatically replaced with the little bar thingy.

FieroBUZZ MSG #44, 08-25-2003 05:43 PM
      Likewise, I wander thru to see the goodies folks have. The original big colour splash was distracting, the small bars are not too bad. I tend to look at FS or WTB rather than colour.

A nice feature for me would be a 'maple leaf' or something in the message icon spot to designate an item in Canada.


summerjim ( MSG #45, 10-10-2003 08:05 PM
      How about one for "EBAY:"?

ltlfrari ( MSG #46, 11-15-2003 10:29 AM
      How about letting us filter by type, eg WTB, FS etc so we can limit the items to the type we are interested in. Ditto in a search for the mall so if I want to by something I can limit a search to only items for sale etc.

SMorris ( MSG #47, 01-15-2004 12:54 PM
I think what ever you do is great! I even like the new color scheme!

To me, change is good! (except when they raise my taxes)

Keep up the good work!

FieroJuice ( MSG #48, 05-12-2004 01:04 PM
Originally posted by SMorris:

I think what ever you do is great! I even like the new color scheme!

To me, change is good! (except when they raise my taxes)

Keep up the good work!

I agree!

freak4fiero ( MSG #49, 07-12-2004 06:13 PM
      mine is not working you should see it on the first topic

Peasepod ( MSG #50, 07-12-2008 06:53 AM
      Speaking of colors, I really have a hard time finding my magnifying lens when I run accross the editited (? blue on grey, small fonts) at the end of articles. I suppose I could increase the screen font size, but then I would loose the rest of the text, Can an early retirement lead to an early case of Alzheimer's?...Bill 1-85 SE: 1 -85 GT: 1-86 GT: 1-87 GT (just added), trying to locate the owner of an abandoned 84-AM4 econo sitting out in a cow pasture. Probabably never get an '88, no one leaves them out, or sells them cheap here in central Kalifornia! Too old for motorcycles, too young to give up FUN!

Turbowedge ( MSG #51, 07-11-2009 12:09 AM
      I think what Cliff had in mind with the colors IS to break up the continuity, which I do like. But, I do agree with Peasepod about the color combinations. Just my .02.

TheDigitalAlchemist ( MSG #52, 08-21-2017 03:02 PM
      The answer is 7.

Cliff Pennock ( MSG #53, 11-09-2017 06:42 AM
Originally posted by TheDigitalAlchemist:

The answer is 7.

No it's not. It's blowing in the wind.