Question on OIl Pressure Switch (sensor) for VW Cabrio
Topic started by: Rsvl-Rider, Date: 08-06-2017 12:17 AM
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Rsvl-Rider MSG #1, 08-06-2017 12:17 AM
      My son has a 1999 VW Cabrio with approx 60k miles. Recently he had the Oil Pressure light come on. We have tested the oil pressure by removing one of the two oil pressure switches and using an oil pressure gauge. The system read within limits which leads to suspecting a bad oil pressure switch. Especially since when I disconnected the harness connector a few drops of oil leaked from the switch.

So I ordered a new switch on-line. Even though the part has the same pressure range and limits and visually the contacts inside look identical the new switch does not have the funny little white dimple / plug on the connector as seen on the original switch in the pictures (although the new product picture shows it) The part I received seems the same in all other respects, although the connector housing is a bit longer.

Does the white plug serve any purpose. Seems like it must or what would be the purpose. Oddly the plug / dimple does not show on the inside of the connector. So, I'm confused. What's it for, and does it matter?

2.5 MSG #2, 08-09-2017 09:00 AM
      Probly just some sort of molding mark or something, only on the oem manufacturers part?