3800 f23 swap saturn
Topic started by: Saturnguy25, Date: 04-25-2017 12:32 PM
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Saturnguy25 (jonthomas16@gmail.com) MSG #1, 04-25-2017 12:32 PM
      I've been planning this swap for a while now and done a bunch of research but still have a bunch of lose ends to figure out and I figured who would know more about 3800's and f23 swaps that yall. I'm new to swapping engines that never came in the car to begin with but not new to 3800's I've swapped out 4-5 3800's and atleast 10 automatic transaxels. My current plan is to swap a 3800 and f23 into my 97 Saturn sc2. I current have a transmission out of a 2002 cavalier and am buying a 03 bonnieville w a bad transmission for the engine and wiring. I'm thinking of sending the pcm to intense racing to be programmed as a standalone. I've been searching for information on exactly what clutch to use and about everyone I find uses a spec stage 3 but they don't give an exact part number and on spec's websight they have conversion clutches listed for several models including 3800 to fiero 5 speed but I'm not sure if that will work or not. Also I'm wondering if I'm supposed to use the plate that goes inbetween the f23 and 2200 or if I get rid of it? And I had read something about possibly over extending the throwout bearing and might need some kind of shimming? And my last question for now how can I find out if my saturns master cylinder will work with the cavalier slave cylinder?

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