You're invited to the Wine Country "Vine Run!" March 31, 2018 (Page 1/2)
Rsvl-Rider FEB 27, 10:45 PM
It was a great day! See below for pics of the run!


ONLY ONE DAY TO GO before the first "Vine Run!" on March 31st.

It's not too late to get involved! At this time we have 7 cars lined up and room for more. Give me a shout here or email me at Lets have a great ride!


You're invited to the Wine Country "Vine Run!"

We are currently organizing what we hope will be the first of many Northern California Wine Country Fiero rallies. The Vine Run! The inaugural event will take place on Saturday, March 31, 2018.

Details are still in the planning stages but the route is coming together and the date is set! I anticipate a 110 mile, 3 hour run through the wine country including some scenic countryside driving out near the southwestern shore of Lake Berryessa. The run will begin and end in Napa, CA. with a 2 hour lunch stop in Calistoga, CA. during which time you may wish to wander the historic downtown area for window shopping or wine tasting along Lincoln Ave.

Currently I am considering the Black Bear Diner on Soscal Road in Napa as our meet up and end point as there appears to be ample parking in the area. At this time I am planning an 11AM departure from the Black Bear Diner and an approximate 12:30 arrival in Calistoga for lunch.

The route as it is currently planned will begin in Napa and proceed through Sonoma and along Hwy 12 north to Calistoga Road near Santa Rosa. Then on to Petrified Forest Road which will take us into Calistoga. This is where we will we will have a leisurely two hours for lunch (tentatively planned) at the Palisades Deli & Cafe in downtown Calistoga. This is the only planned gas stop for those that wish to top off.

From Calistoga we will proceed southerly on Silverado Trail to join up with Hwy 128 towards Lake Berryessa. At this time I am planning to continue on to the Oak Shores Day Use Area north of Spanish Flat for a possible photo stop. We will then return to Hwy 128 and Hwy 121 returning to Napa where our journey will end at at our starting point at approximately 4:30pm.

Additional details will be provided as they become available. The exact route, times and stops may change as planning progresses.

Please save the date and mark your calendars for what we hope will become a fun gathering to visit with old friends and new in the Fiero community while enjoying a scenic drive through the world famous Napa-Sonoma wine country.

Please indicate your interest as soon as practical. An approximate head count will be helpful in planning, and a final tally may be necessary for lunch reservations depending on the size of the group.

(This is a free gathering of Fiero enthusiasts. All expenses including, but not limited to, fuel, meals, wine tasting, insurance or any other expenses are on you)

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liv4God FEB 28, 06:02 AM
I will let my sister know and hopefully she can take my silver Fiero in my place!
cvxjet MAR 01, 11:35 AM
I want to be there......But my knee may have other ideas.....I will immediately go see a doctor.....(I actually am seeing one this morning)
Rsvl-Rider MAR 01, 01:46 PM

Originally posted by liv4God:

I will let my sister know and hopefully she can take my silver Fiero in my place!

That's great! Hope to meet her on the run. Keep me up to date if it works out so I can add her to the planning.
Rsvl-Rider MAR 24, 10:45 PM
Bump. Only 1 week to go. Get on the list!

Rsvl-Rider MAR 30, 07:03 PM

Saturday is the day!

Give me a shout!

Rsvl-Rider APR 01, 11:30 PM
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Rsvl-Rider APR 02, 02:44 AM
The first Vine Run is in the books! A good time was had by all. A fun route with some nice twisties and great scenery. We had 6 cars in the run as a few runners were unable to make it due to mechanical issues. Next year you guys!

Some folks showed up early and we had the chance to grab a bite and get to know each other for a bit before pulling out. Martin was a passenger in that beautiful blue 87 GT and took some great pics. Thanks Martin! He took a bunch but I am posting just a few here.

The Meet-Up.

On the Road.

Wine Country.

Lunch in Calistoga.


At the lake.

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fierobear APR 02, 08:42 PM
Wow, nice run! I'm sorry we had to miss it. We would be interested in doing the run again in the future.
gldkarma APR 03, 01:08 PM

What Bear said!!! Thanks for the pics!!