Tyler Shipman Memorial Car Show, July 28th 2018! (Page 1/1)
2.5 JAN 29, 10:12 PM

Bring your Fiero if you can, or just bring yourself to a show you shouldn't miss

If you are camping at Camp Shipman the party gets rolling Friday, some even arrive Thursday.

If you are coming from any distance join with others, we usually have a caravan of Fiero's traveling in Minnesota Thursday and Friday.

Want to catch up on what this is all about?

Here is a news video about the 1st Tyler Shipman Memorial Car Show:

Here is a recent video put together by Tyler's Mom that gives more history:

Subscribe to the youtube channel to help support

Like the facebook page to help support

Attend the Car Show to help support

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2.5 FEB 22, 09:50 AM

Changing lanes: Tyler Shipman car show seeks family to help
By Nathan Bowe on Feb 21, 2018 at 4:00 p.m.

After eight years, the Tyler Shipman Memorial Car Show in Frazee is changing course — money raised will now go to a family with a child that needs help.
The annual car show and rally is held during the Frazee Turkey Days celebration the last weekend in July (July 28 this year) and the funds will be dispersed right after that, Shipman said.
Shortly after Tyler was first admitted to the hospital, he wrote a short note on an online message board named Pennock's Fiero Forum, where he talked to fellow Pontiac Fiero car lovers.

"I have an '86 Fiero GT that I've been slowly fixing up. Well now here I sit at the hospital with cancer, and they can't treat it, and not knowing how long I'll be here — they say could be till spring or longer or shorter, they don't know — I'm just trying to find some way to get it restored before I pass. I love this car."

That short, simple message drew an unexpectedly large response.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Tyler's Project gained more and more momentum, as local people and fellow Fiero lovers from all over came forward to help rebuild his car.

"The people who restored Tyler's car, a lot of them come back every year," Shipman said. "But a lot of new people show up every year, too."

The three-acre Shipman residence is about 10 miles east of Frazee on Highway 87, and every year their yard becomes "Camp Shipman," for people in town for the car show, she said. "We do hayrides, bonfires, pig roasts, we have a lot of fun — it's definitely a fun weekend," she said. "These people are Tyler's last gift to us."


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Vernon8360 MAR 04, 09:10 PM
There are a lot of car shows to go to; some better than others. This annual gathering is more than a car show, so much more. Regardless of where you live, put Frazee, MN on your list of "Must Attend Events." Figure out a way to get there. Plan ahead, make it happen. You won't be disappointed.

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2.5 MAY 01, 09:54 PM
There are postings on facebook of the potential kids who can receive help from the proceeds from the 2018 show.


Also I added the flyer to the 1st post here

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2.5 JUN 26, 10:26 AM
Are you preregistered yet?

2.5 JUL 20, 02:45 PM
You can also register when you arrive at the show!

See ya there!