WTB- 88 Mera Side “Sail” Louver (Page 1/1)
classic_cars FEB 10, 08:55 AM
ISO 88 Mera drivers Side “Sail” Louver
freedom0226 FEB 10, 09:25 PM
send a PM to Carl he has a set that he removed since there a little warped but you should be able to fix them. i grabbed a pair from Nelson ( used set bit of warpage but not bad ) . EVMROB if he ever decides to answer anyone still has the molds you can reach him over at Mad Mechanics. Post this up on " a real mera in paradise" in the general chat section and see if anyone has a used set
hnthomps FEB 12, 06:22 PM
I hope to be able to evaluate a new set of reproduction sail panels for the Mera crowd in the next several weeks if the current producer has time to get it made. I do know that some materials are currently on order for this project. Then we can see exactly what we would get as well as an approximate price.