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Villain DEC 02, 07:56 PM
Looking to clear out most of my fiero stuff, took pics of all i want gone, located in central florida, text or call 407-473-9350 or email me at Tell me what you want that I have and I’ll give you a price shipped!
Villain DEC 02, 08:00 PM

Villain DEC 02, 08:02 PM
Spoon DEC 02, 08:51 PM
How much for the ladder, shipped to 19320?


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IMSA GT DEC 02, 09:32 PM
Trent, you could probably get a good sale on the rear window louvers. Several people have wanted those over the last year.
ohioindy DEC 03, 07:39 AM
I need just the pivot part that the engine cover goes on near the rear window. I'll take the entire piece. See pic.
And it goes without saying I'll take anything Indy.
one other thing. I need some thumb screws that hold down the engine covers.

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Habanera Hal DEC 03, 10:53 AM
Just a friendly note: Villain is a good guy to work with. Bought a hood from him a couple of months ago with fair price.
Larry Hubbert DEC 04, 07:14 PM

You were supposed to send me a list of what 88 items that you have for sale some time back. Still interested and still waiting for the list. Looking for 88 rear suspension parts, especially uprights or knuckles as some people call them. Anything else you may have that sounds interesting let me know. Thanks. LarryH
RandomTask DEC 04, 07:18 PM

Originally posted by Spoon:

How much for the ladder, shipped to 19320?


Dibs on the lawnmower bag!

Sent a text about the two trailing arms
Mike Morris DEC 19, 08:31 PM
SE quarter windows? Notch tail lights? I am local