Gauge Modules and ash trays (Page 1/1)
thelinsells NOV 22, 12:50 PM
I have several gauge modules and ash trays available.

Pic 1
three fiero gauges and one fiero benical with sunbird gauge pack installed but not completed all with pigtails and plugs the advantage with the sunbird gauges is that they are compatible with late model computers and trans outputs.
Pic 2
Ashtray doors left and right,springs also $5 each
Pic 3
Bottom side of ashtrays $5 each
Pic 4
Top side of ashtrays please note the numbers and only one has a crush plate

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vette7584 NOV 22, 07:15 PM
is the Sunbird cluster functional? plug and play? thanks!
freedom0226 NOV 22, 07:39 PM
Ive never seen that dash . i need more info on this. i never seen a fiero with a dash like that one in the pic.
thelinsells NOV 29, 11:39 PM
That set of gauges is from a sunbird.The vin of the donor and the year are on the unit.They are compatible with late model trans and computers.R.T.
edfiero DEC 05, 12:03 PM
Looks like the guts are from 92-93 era Sunbird. However very curious how much work it would be to make it function in a Stock Fiero.
thelinsells DEC 07, 10:15 AM
Your in luck.G.M. wiring color codes have been in force from the fifties .I f you are careful and label the wires as you remove them it all works together.I did an 89 gran am gauge system into my 84 se. Not a real big deal for a ham fist like me.Again if your doing a engine / trams swap you would need to do something to interface with the new outputs.This would work with no mods.R.T. The idea here is that all the fitting is done.You will need to make a face plate,but the heavy lifting is done.

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