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Wererabbit91 SEP 03, 08:26 PM
I have a large number of Fiero parts for sale, including a fully-caged racecar chassis and a 87' GT V6 5spd, and I want them to go to people who will use them. I am still working through all the parts to get photos and info. I will update this post as I add new items, sell items, or update pictures. All the images will posted to a shared folder on my Google drive because there are too many to post here. You can message me through the forum, or text me at 314-435-6339. I prefer paypal or cash, and I will ship through USPS or UPS with tracking. Please message me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions and I will update this listing. All prices negotiable, make me an offer.

1987 5spd fastback Dark-Red/Silver with Gray interior. I plan to use the complete body as a GT swap. The rest of the car is up for grabs. The car is loaded with options. AC, power locks, power windows, power mirrors, rear glass heater, and sun-roof. I bought the car because it was one of the most rust free frames I could find 2 years ago. It has all stock suspension hard points, with a combination of poly and solid bushings, Koni dampers, rear coilovers, custom adjustable front spring perch. Chassis minus body $500, I would prefer to keep it together, though if I get no interest I will part it out and scrap the rest. Clean title in hand.

Spare Body Parts:
Front Bumper GT Black/Silver - $100
Hood Black 1 - $50
Hood Black 2 - $50
Passenger Fender Black
Door Driver Gold/tan - $50
Door Passenger Gold/tan - $50
Door Driver Black/gray - missing interior [Not Pictured]
Door Passenger Black/na - $50
Sidepanel Driver GT Black - $25
Sidepanel Driver Black - $25
Sidepanel Passenger GT Black - $25
Sidepanel Passenger Black - $25
GT decklid Gold - $100
Rear Bumper SE Black
Taillamp housing notchie passenger - $20
Dew wipe and trim - I don't know which side

Suspension and wheels:
Front Driver Upper Aarm Pre-88 - $30
Front Passenger Upper Aarm Pre-88 - $30
Front Passenger Lower Aarm Pre-88 - $30
Rear knuckle Driver Pre-88 w/ Grand Am bearing
Rear knuckle Passenger Pre-88 w/ Grand Am bearing
New Moog Pre-88 rear hub/bearings x2
Used Federal Mogal Pre-88 rear hub/bearing
Assorted Front and Rear ball-joints
Half-shaft Passenger (long) - $40
Rear strut assembly Pre-88 x2 [Not Pictured]
pre-88 rear cradle - $250
Spare tire x2
Sport Edition P5 16x7 5-100 35mm offset set of 4 silver rims with 225/50R16 RE-71R tires with one track day on them - $800
Moog rear inner tie-rods x2
8x2.5in 450lb springs for coil-overs

Engine Parts:
3.1 Stroker - 3.4L crank, neutral flywheel, 19# injectors, 1.6 ratio rockers, CompCam 2030, EGR delete, equal length 3-to-1 dual race headers, oil scrapper, windage tray, remote oil filter, oil cooler ask for more details, asking $1250
The over heated stock 2.8L block from the 87. Needs to be cleaned and checked, but all the parts are there. The crank and a couple rods are definitely bad.
Spare stock intake parts including EGR tube [Not Pictured]
Many many more I will post as I am able to inventory them all
Firewall heatshield
Trunk heatshield
New EP240 stock fuel pump

Stock 1988 radio - worked great, but I replaced it with a modern unit that had auxiliary inputs

AC lines compressor to front, compressor, everything but the condenser (heavily dented and rusty)
Seat Passenger Grey - needs to be cleaned, has speakers, but the fabric is ripped
1986 V6 manual ECU
1987 V6 manual ECU
DIYautotune MegaSquirt2 v3.57 with GM HEI 8 [Not Pictured]
Brake proportioning valve
Jack, lug wrench, spare tire tie-down
Coolant overflow tank

The short version of the story:
I bought the 1987 GT as my first Fiero two years ago with plans to make it into my track car. I took it to Waterford Hills Road Racing, Gingerman, and Mid-Ohio as well as daily drove it. The car drove amazingly until I overheated the engine at Mid-Ohio last September causing crank and rod bearing damage. I stored it inside over winter and have been working on it all spring and summer.
The two chassis need to be gone by the mid-Oct timeframe since I don’t have room to store either of them over the winter. I can hold on to the rest of the parts longer than that, but I will still need to get rid of them at some point.


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Fiero Thomas SEP 04, 06:44 PM
How much for the spare tire shipped to 60073

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Wererabbit91 SEP 04, 09:30 PM
For the spare $50 + $35 shipping USPS 2 day shipping.
Mike in Sydney SEP 05, 06:05 AM
PM sent.
Fiero Thomas SEP 05, 11:33 AM

Originally posted by Wererabbit91:

For the spare $50 + $35 shipping USPS 2 day shipping.

Pass... Thank you anyways
Wererabbit91 SEP 09, 11:58 PM
UPDATED with prices, pictures, new items, and struck out the sold items. Thank you to those who I've worked with so far, I hope it all goes to good use!
Wererabbit91 SEP 11, 02:33 PM
I added more engine parts and pictures for the suspension parts.
RandomTask SEP 12, 01:49 PM
Will you ship the K1's?
Wererabbit91 SEP 12, 01:55 PM
Yup, I'll ship the K1s. I'll have to get an estimate on how much it will be. Are you interested in both sets, or just one?
Wererabbit91 SEP 15, 04:35 PM
Updated the post with pictures for the 1986 caged Fiero. In a couple weeks I'm going to start the process of stripping the cars and scrapping the frames if I get no interest in them.