1988 GT Part Out (Page 2/4)
Habanera Hal FEB 01, 09:11 PM
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FastOwen2XLL FEB 01, 11:01 PM
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0z FEB 02, 09:34 PM
How about the tilt wheel stalk. Someone chewed mine up with pliers.
Mike Morris FEB 03, 04:44 PM
Car have performance sound?

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Curtisk1060 FEB 03, 11:01 PM
I am in search of both the driver and passenger side power door lock switch plates, either with or without the switches, but with all the mounting screws if they get parted out. let me know if they will be available.
Turbowedge FEB 03, 11:35 PM
As of 11:30pm 2-3-19, all pms and post here have been replied to. Also, @wftb, the title was written on by previous owners uncle as he had dementia and signed in black marker in the wrong spot and has since died, title could be obtained, but I just didn't want to go through the hassle with the dmv.
fgt1988 FEB 04, 09:59 AM
PM You back on interested interior

Bump FEB 04, 12:33 PM
I assume based on the position of the one headlight, the headlight motors are not good?
xzeion FEB 04, 12:48 PM
What would it take for you part with the rear cradle + whatever bits I need to get it into an 87 that you take from the 88. (ctrl arms, links, struts, etc) (not sure if I need the strut hats from the 88 to fit it to my 87. If not I would pass on them)
Also I am after a passenger side dew wipe if the ones on that car are any good.

Door internals / glass? my glass is loose and scratched

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Turbowedge FEB 04, 07:33 PM
@bump, they were both working when I got the car, not sure what is going on with it.....

@xzeion, it may be a little bit before I get to the cradle, would like to leave engine in it as long as I can so an interested party can hear it running, but we can work something out on a package deal for you. as far as dew wipes, haven't looked that close to them yet, but I will get back with you. windows roll up good and tight as well