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Turbowedge JAN 30, 03:23 AM
Okay, I am acquiring an 88 GT this weekend, car runs and drives, has title issues so I will be parting it out. Taillights are not for sale, but other than that everything must go including the engine and 5 speed trans. I will be taking a video of it running before I pull the engine and trans and if you are local and want to stop by, take it for a spin and check it out yourself. I would like to keep the cradle, but money talks and I really don't have the room for it anyway. I have limited time so I am going to strip it down as fast as possible and get rid of the carcass. I hate to see an 88 go to the boneyard with good 88 specific parts still on it, so figure out what you need now. I am willing to ship but of course you have to pay shipping. Larger parts are easier and cheaper to ship via greyhound bus so keep that in mind. Last GT I did this with went very well, so I will give it another try. Stay tuned and I should have it at the house by Sunday and get some pics for those interested, thanks.

My email is....Turbowedge@aol.com

Update, please read before going any further:

With all of the drama happening lately with items not being shipped and so forth, I just want everyone on the same page from the start. I have been on this forum for over ten years and have bought and sold alot of things, that being said I am a person of my word. Now, I also have a job that takes up a good 50-60 hours of my week which doesn't leave much time for anything else. If the buyer and myself come to an agreement on something, be advised that it may take a week or two at the most to remove, package and ship said item. If this is not acceptable then please pass me by. I welcome local pick-up and can meet within a reasonable distance for things as well. I do have paypal and will not ask you to send a personal one, that way we are both protected. I also don't have a chance to check Pennock's everyday, but will provide my personal email for best communication for I have alot more access to it, so it is the preferred means of choice to contact me. I will answer pms in order to make it fair to everyone and same goes for emails. Sorry for the long and drawn out speech, but it just seams necessary and I hope everyone understands, thanks.

Now to the pics, there are a couple of things that may be of interest including new seats done very well I may add, can't say that they are Mr. MIkes, because I haven't seen any of those up close, but these were done very well and look and feel like new leather although they could be pleather? Also the door panels were expensive at one time but are warpped now, unsure if you could get them straight again or not, but I know a few people would like the extra speaker space. The interior was turned to black, and the dash looks really well down with an epoxy paint from what I can tell, there is one small crack in it but other than that, great shape and corners are in tact. There is black carpet in it that looks like it was ordered black and not dyed, it is a little dirty but I think it will clean up just fine as it shows no wear at all. Car also has a wing delete rear decklid.

Parts that are no longer available:
Tail lights
Engine vents and mounts
P/M switch
Factory sub
ECM and engine harness
Front hubs
Steering Wheel

I will keep this list updated as parts are PAID for.

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boostedbird JAN 30, 05:53 AM
I would like both drivers and passenger rear calipers please.
Thunderstruck GT JAN 30, 08:50 AM
PM sent
fierogt28 JAN 30, 08:19 PM
How are the front knuckles with the bearing hubs ?


Konrad23 JAN 31, 03:14 PM
Interested in the side window scoops!

'88 Fiero GT 5-Spd

Sage JAN 31, 04:25 PM
What interior does it have?

Turbowedge JAN 31, 07:04 PM
It has grey interior and not to sure of condition as of yet. All pm have been answered and for those that have just posted to the topic, I will update post and questions with pics this weekend as soon as I get the car home, thanks.
2002z28ssconv FEB 01, 08:01 AM
AC Hose - I can pick up
wftb FEB 01, 10:00 AM
You might want to run the serial # at the DMV before you strip it to make sure it wasn't stolen. Unless you already know the cars history. What is the steering wheel like?
Sage FEB 01, 11:14 AM

Originally posted by Turbowedge:

It has grey interior and not to sure of condition as of yet. All pm have been answered and for those that have just posted to the topic, I will update post and questions with pics this weekend as soon as I get the car home, thanks.

Thanks Turbowedge....was hoping for saddle (tan) and in good shape. Already have the grey!