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F50MOD DEC 13, 11:43 PM
Looking to sell the 87 GT I bought a while back. Was working on getting it ready for my oldest 1st car but I would rather get him something newer since he is not into working on cars. The car has 61k miles, its an auto, stock v6. New rims/tires. I have new rotors to go on but never got around to doing it. It is not perfect, there are a couple places on the hood the paint is flaking, there are some cracks in the body add ons. I have installed a newer style Pontiac radio with the 7 band equalizer, updated speakers, subwoffer behind passenger seat. There were some woodgrain dash accents that I started switching over to carbon fiber. I will put some more pics up later. Car is in Clayton , NC.

F50MOD DEC 15, 03:01 PM
Some more pics.

Spadesluck DEC 15, 05:50 PM
Very sharp looking car. I love that front end on our Fieros. Good luck with the sale.
F50MOD DEC 22, 08:17 PM
offers welcomed. Want it to go to a good home.
Quad GT DEC 23, 12:22 PM
Sharp looking car
What kind are those floor mats, custom made?
F50MOD DEC 23, 05:04 PM

Originally posted by Quad GT:

Sharp looking car
What kind are those floor mats, custom made?

the mats are Intro-Tech Automotive HEXOMAT Floor Mats. You can get %20 off at some online places. they were $ 42.89 to my door.
F50MOD JAN 03, 11:53 PM
Dropped price to $7500 obo

Listed on local Craig's List

F50MOD JAN 11, 04:26 PM
***** SOLD ****