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E.Furgal DEC 10, 10:59 AM
Sadly, because of my health, I will have to part with my INDY.
It is not perfect. but is a good car, needs a detailing, and has laquer paint cracks/spidering.
Interior is clean seats don't have any rips, other than drivers has a 1/2 inch cut in the leather side bolster
It was parked because the starter failed. the starter motor case bolts that hold the starter back plate and housing to the nose backed out , not the bolts that hold the starter to the engine. I have new g.m. starter, just I can not install it or I would as I can get more for it running/moving car.
automatic. power windows, tilt. no power locks or cruise.
I do need to put the pass side carpet and rocker inside trim back on, as I took it out to install a radio. that didn't happen.
3 prices
1500.00 with new starter and the oem am/fm/cassette with eq radio.

2100.00 and you'll get the center console sub box and sub. new not installed. blacktop now top line unit, and pioneer shallow sub.
fiero store door panels with speaker pods and the back panel they make for speakers that go behind the seats.

2400.00 and you get it all, all the new parts (ball joints/tierods/etc/etc/etc ) have to go pull it all to make a list, but there is a ton of parts. sunroof new seal and interior trim(wind lace) , extra mirror, extra wing stands, one on car is cracked. replacements are not. extra decals in tube/etc way to much to list as I was planning on never selling it. as I love it. but I can't work on it, and can't get in or out of it at the moment easily. and it's been a few years now and doctors have no time line.
And the spare engine and transmission and cradle all still together as one unit , that came out of a running moving car. bought as a spare to build up while driving from a guy up in Maine. well health issues squashed that.
I can't work on it, and haven't been told when I'll be able to by doctors, and wife won't drive it. she is short and can't see over dash all that well and see end of car.
I don't need to sell it. but Rather it not just sit and just get worse and worse. from sitting.

Prices are firm.
Car is in mass.
email me at nascartazno.8@gmail. or pm me here.
Rather sell it all as one whole, but may sell off the audio stuff by itself if no one is interested in the whole .
Again don't need to sell, but rather someone that will be able to use it and enjoy it, got it.
If not, I'll tow it around the corner and have the garage install the starter. and drive it. problem is , I can't move for days afterwards.

And no, it doesn't need all the ball joints and such, I just bought them when getting other parts and it didn't cost anything extra to have them shipped with what I needed for the wifes car or my bigger softing riding car.
Thanks for looking, sad I can't really drive it anymore. love my gocart.
E.Furgal DEC 14, 06:07 AM
Guess I'll just roll it into a corner of the property/carport.
Maybe one day I'll be able to use it again.
ls3mach DEC 14, 03:31 PM
At least he posted plenty of clear photos.

Good luck with your sale. Sorry for your health.
E.Furgal DEC 15, 05:28 AM

Originally posted by ls3mach:

At least he posted plenty of clear photos.

Good luck with your sale. Sorry for your health.

When I'm home I'll shoot photo's, I didn't want to post photo's from when I bought it. fully detailed and such.
have cat scan and echo's Monday so maybe by wensday.