88 white Formula for sale. Western NC. Not mine. (Page 1/1)
Raydar DEC 03, 06:06 PM
I have been contacted by a person in NC who is attempting to find a buyer for her Formula.
It's white, 5 speed, power windows and locks, ~123K on the odo. Appears to be an A/C car, based upon the interior pics.
It was garaged for a long time, was repaired by her daughter's boyfriend about 4 years ago, driven for a while, and then parked again. It currently won't start.

She sent me some pics. I also asked her to take pics of the trunk sides, since I know that's usually a point of interest. What I can see doesn't look bad.

She's not looking to make a killing. She's just moving and needs to find it a home.

From her email...

I found some notes from four years ago on the Fiero. At that time, we replaced the spark plugs, air filter, ignition wires, and ignition coil. He put on a new distributor, rotor ignition, cap ignition, fuel pump, filter screen and put on tires (I don't know if they were new). He fixed the brakes, put in a battery, coolant temp sensor, new alternator and belt. It was up and running, but then has sat for the last four years.

Her name is Sandra. You can reach her at "histio AT charter-dot-net"
I also have a phone number if you would prefer to call her. Message me if you want it.

If I hadn't already invested so much time and effort into the "ghost", rebuilding the suspension and interior, this would be really interesting to me.

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Raydar DEC 15, 09:03 AM