1988 Fiero GT - 3.4L 5 Speed, Sunroof - $3250 OBO (Page 1/1)
88FieroDogs NOV 27, 12:41 AM
I have my 1988 Fiero GT with a 3.4L PR, 5 Speed, and A Sunroof for sale.


- 115k miles
- 3.4L unknown miles at swap runs good
- Clean Interior

What's it need?

- Rodney Dickman Stainless Steel Vacuum Lines
- Dew Wipes
- Front Bumper Fix and Respray
- A/C not hooked up or charged, cruise control not hooked up.
- New tires (always thought I'd buy rims)

Ideal owner:

-Someone who likes to tinker with an older clean slate car and customize it as they see fit.

This car is not pristine but it is very close compared with 95% of fiero's that I've seen and is definitely worthy of a meticulous owner. I'm selling because I had another kid and it doesn't make sense for me to have a 2 seater any more.

$3250 OBO

Please call or text Shelby at:

Please include - "Pennocks" in your text so I know you're not a spammer

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alex de jorge NOV 28, 07:11 PM
Nice ride. I wish I had the money. I think the price is great. Good luck selling it.
Notorio NOV 29, 08:57 PM
About 2 yrs ago I saw this car when seller was living in Southern California. It was in really good shape and I especially liked the clean, nice-looking engine compartment and interior. Definitely worth a look IMHO.

88FieroDogs DEC 14, 10:28 PM

Thanks guys!