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Chief NOV 25, 06:38 AM
IRM Intermittent wipe correction Device. This fixes the occasional phantom or ghost wipe on that occurs at start up or on occasion when you use the turn signal lever or go over a bump. It is a 15 minute installation just connect the terminal end to the blower's negative terminal by loosening the 7mm screw and the grey wire at the other end to the grey wire at the wiper harness with the wire tap.

$30 each including first class shipping in the contiguous USA includes a tracking number,
$42 usd to CANADA NO tracking number is available.

Send PayPal to make sure I have your correct shipping address.

Installation is finished.

This device works on other GM vehicles with the same problem.

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handymanpat JAN 02, 10:57 AM
I have two of these for my cars and they really work great. I want to buy another one for my wifes car.
Thanks Pat

pat moody

handymanpat JAN 07, 07:16 PM
Got it today, that was fast!
I sure appreciate your making them and I would suggest that anyone who is having problems with the wiper coming on when it not supposed to should consider buying this device!
Thanks Pat

pat moody

Chief MAR 05, 05:29 AM
TTT as requested.
yamaha94 MAR 05, 04:53 PM
This is a great fix. 2 years no issues. I suggest you also re cap or replace your wiper pulse board as well.
Chief APR 10, 09:17 AM
2 shipped and 1 pm replied.
Chief AUG 05, 04:25 AM
I still have some available.
Chief AUG 30, 12:52 PM
I have received a payment on August 25 from Randall C. but NO SHIPPING ADDRESS. I send email requesting the address but got no reply so I refunded that payment. If Randall is reading this just send the payment again and include your address, I will get it out ASAP.

Knight Rider OCT 10, 11:50 AM
Chief..I am in need of one of these as I just started getting the ghost wiper effect. I wanted to confirm availability with you. I will send PayPal and PM with address then. Thanks
Knight Rider OCT 11, 09:21 PM
PM sent