The Rottin Resurrection (Page 69/70)
jetsnvettes2000 MAY 02, 08:21 PM
Happy retirement from the Air force bud, now that ya have some time to kill lets get your car outa my garage and into yours!!!
jetsnvettes2000 JUN 13, 07:46 PM
Been doing a bunch of odds and ends tidying up on Johns car and now to the last major thing that I can do that I was going to let him do but I think I will just tackle it since its still here. So, there is coil overs in the back what would be the easiest way to lower the front on this 88 with the 18 inch wheels.
jetsnvettes2000 JUL 12, 09:21 PM
1 set of Rodneys lowering ball joints Check! time to make it look right. I don't think we need to beat that horse to death showing the install you guys know the drill Been a long road getting the car done but with these installed thats it folks just a bit of detailing and done. Onto the next build..
jetsnvettes2000 JUL 17, 10:57 PM
jetsnvettes2000 JUL 17, 10:58 PM
Needs to settle a bit but I think 1 inch drop due to steep driveway will be good enough for now.
shemdogg JUL 19, 08:27 PM
that looks awesome!

Steel JUL 20, 12:18 AM
Great work on the car looks excellent.
jetsnvettes2000 OCT 28, 12:37 AM
Tomorrow morning the Rottin Chop leaves for it's new home. It is going to the same owner that bought Robochop. John will have access to drive it whenever he visits as I will be servicing the car for as long as the new owner has it. We have few things to work out yet like seat covers but overall the car is done and on the road and lays rubber like a champ. Thanks for all the support everyone!! We got this done for John and well life, military and time has a way of changing things and John is now onto his new life as an Airline Pilot and just simply did not have the place to keep the car anymore in case you were wondering why the sale. I had a blast building it and will do another eventually again!
DL10 NOV 27, 11:28 AM
I really hope You keep the money from this sale...
jetsnvettes2000 DEC 09, 08:12 PM

Originally posted by DL10:

I really hope You keep the money from this sale...

Nope, every penny went to John. I did it for free and expect nothing in return.