The Rottin Resurrection (Page 2/70)
RCR JUL 22, 07:06 AM
I've been following this one for a while. Sorry about the issues and I hope you all can help redo this. The only time I will say this: "In defense of the work by the one who remains nameless", based upon his previous threads, this all looks like a buck, in which a mold would have been made. All the bodywork looks very temporary.

Anyway, please carry on. Good luck.


MadMark JUL 22, 09:08 AM
I am sad to see how badly this has gone so far, but I am truly encouraged when the Fiero group gets together to help one of their own.

I don't know it would help or not, but I have a hood from my 88 GT that I am not using. It is a very sound and serviceable hood, but the paint on it is very sun burnt. If there was a way to get it all the way over to Wisconsin to you I would give it to this project for free. If there is a way PM me.
johnyrottin JUL 22, 09:15 AM

Thank you for the kind offer. I know those boys are going to need a whole lot of parts!!! Some good news I received this morning...Chuck may have found the choptop glass!!! Hopefully it is the correct glass. It should be headed up here this week or next.

One other thing I know we will need is a windshield. It helps to keep the bugs out of your teeth when you are driving!

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Tony Kania JUL 22, 11:29 AM
Glad to see a turn around. Positive vibes...

Send me your tail lights. I will do them for the cost of shipping.

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85sliverGT JUL 22, 11:38 AM
Could you put up a list of parts needed? Sounds like many are willing to donate parts to see this finished!
Formula JUL 22, 11:45 AM

Originally posted by johnyrottin:

One other thing I know we will need is a windshield. It helps to keep the bugs out of your teeth when you are driving!

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johnyrottin JUL 22, 11:46 AM
Tony, thanks. I am not sure which way Rob intends to head on this project. I am leaving it completly up to him and the fellas. It will be one heck of a surprise!!! Will definitely take you up on the offer if they had thay way though. Your tailights always look amazing!

Also, I think Rob is still inspecting and will come up with a parts list soon. From what I know at this point hood, fenders, nose, rear decklid, and windshield. From there I am not sure.
EvilSqueezles JUL 22, 05:00 PM
We have lots of Fieros in the boneyards down around my area. I can head out and strip things that you fellas need to help build this beast back up. If theres any way I can help let me know.

RWDPLZ JUL 22, 05:47 PM
Um, wow. That is beyond criminal. Really hoping to see this car turned around.
MadMark JUL 22, 05:50 PM
Johnny, I am going to a wedding in the UP at Manistee, I think the third weekend of August. If you can wait until then I can strap the hood onto the top of my Impala and bring it with me. I will drive it down to where the Fiero is and drop it off, that way it won't cost anyone anything. If that is alright I will PM you to get the address where I need to drop it off.