Enterra "Dark Shadow" Restore Thread (Page 64/65)
TXOPIE MAY 23, 05:55 PM
Troy & Lisa...Love them & thank you for sharing, but could please hurry up and install them
And then take lots of great pictures...for us slackers that have to help out the kids 1st b4 some of us get their G1 door panels
Got 2 sets to knock out.

Really would like to see a shot of it installed and your arm resting...trying to gauge how far the vette handle's protrude.
I am considering utilizing 4 of these door pull tabs (2 per door) and nylon pull strap looped...Leaving the entire arm rest without a handle blocking the comfort.

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troyboy MAY 23, 06:22 PM
Once we get the doors home I will most likely delet the door handles and install door pull pockets like I have in the choptop.
troyboy MAY 23, 06:30 PM
the chop top door pull pockets, they work great and you don't really see them
troyboy MAY 26, 04:10 PM
We have received a lot of emails and PM's in regards to Lisa's firebird door panels. For now she is going to hold on to them. Archie modified the door panels for us and may be able to make another set.

Troy and Lisa
davylong86 MAY 27, 11:55 PM
Well worth the wait.Rob is one talented guy. Just when you think one your cars couldn't get better! You and Lisa has set the bar on how to max a Pontiac Fiero out.
troyboy OCT 29, 01:02 PM
bump for the SEMA crew
DotTC NOV 30, 02:07 AM
I know it's probably been said, but I cannot find it but where do those taillights come from?

1986 Fiero.. WorkInProgress.. :

troyboy SEP 17, 05:38 PM
Bump for Trinten, look on page 15 and 14

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Trinten SEP 17, 05:55 PM
Thanks Troy!

For those of you wondering, I really loved the side mirrors that were used, and had PM'd Troy asking if he would share the details on them. I had found a pic of them in another thread where he referenced them, so didn't have the details contained here-in.
RCR FEB 25, 07:19 PM
Winter blahs had me go back through this thread. Archie, you and your crew did an amazing job. Thanx to you and Troy for the documentation.

Great read.

Now, i can't wait for the new build season to begin.